Nerd Out: February 2021

The second month in, and while Governors are lowing restrictions, COVID-19 is still raging on. If you are trying to find some fun though, we’d love to help!

Before we go into the details of the events, we want to remind people that we are still within the thralls of a pandemic, and recommend people check out our article on ”If You Should Go Out” Here. In keeping with our promise within that article though, each event we are talking about will have an Is It Safe section discussing steps taken by the organization to keep the attendees safe. Please consider that though before making your ticket purchases.

Some of the cool things going on this month are:

  • Jurassic Quest
  • Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience
  • Jurassic Quest Available in Orange County until February 14th, and in Pomona from February 19th through February 28th.

    We visited Jurassic Quest when it was in Pasadena, and wow was it a lot of fun. If you want to teach and entertain your children with dinosaur knowledge and experiences, then you’ll love this pandemic safe experience, and its Drive-thru!

    Explore over 70 dinosaurs built not only to size but in detail as well! The experience includes an audio tour and interactive baby dinosaurs! Why wouldn’t you share this with your children?! You can see Rochelle’s interview Here, and her more in-depth article covering the event Here.

    Is It Safe?
    The event is distanced, as long as the people inside the vehicle are your family.

    Tickets for this event is a flat $49 per vehicle, but can have add-ons added to your experience. Purchase your tickets Here.

    Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience Available in Los Angeles continuing through February and beyond.

    Originally planned to only be through the Halloween holidays, this event has been extended through to spring because of the speed in which it sells out. From the people who have attended it, we can honestly say that this experience is well worth the price point of the ticket.

    Additionally, if you are a fan of the series, this is a must for you!

    Is It Safe?
    The event is distanced, as long as the people inside the vehicle are your family.

    Tickets to the event start at $59 for two people in one car, but pricing is done per person and can get a little pricey. Fair warning tickets still do sell out but are added regularly. If you miss this month, the event continues on through Spring. Purchase your tickets Here. Check out our announcement article Here!

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