Nerd News Social Sits Down With the Stars and Creators of “Dream Corp LLC”… Again!

After talking to the creator of Dream Corp LLC at San Diego Comic Con, we got to talk to even more of the people behind Dream Corp LLC. This time we got to talk to Stephen Merchant, who plays T.E.R.R.Y. and is a Producer on the show, and the talents: Jon Gries, Dr. Roberts and Mark Proksch, who plays Randy Blink. Just to remind our readers, Dream Corp LLC is an amazing experience in the absurd as the characters delve into the mind and dreams of their patients. While they attempt to help their patients, they can barely help themselves.

Eric Bryan Seuthe II: Good talking to you again.

Jon Gries (Dr. Roberts): Great seeing you.

Mark Proksch (Randy Blink): Glad you guys are here, we wanted to talk to you about some stuff.

Jon: We wanted to bring up a farming issues.

ES: Like California, with the water issues, that’s a very good issue?

Jon: All the farms, sucking up all the water.

ES: That is a very good point. All the farms talking about not getting enough water…. I am so sorry, we should…

Stephen Merchant (T.E.R.R.Y. and Producer): I’m not really sure that’s entirely on message for us.

(Jon and Mark laugh)

ES: I apologize, yeah.

Mark: You guys aren’t farm report?

ES: Yeah, no sorry. First thing first, Stephen, your voice is amazing.

Stephen: Thank you, I really appreciate it.

ES: I will listen to any bit of your voice that you put out there.

Jon: Yeah, and if you want he can call you and speak to you.

Stephen: Yeah, if you want me to call when you are feeling down, just give me your number and I’ll give you a ring.

ES: If you are serious I will….

Stephen: I’m definitely not serious, next question!

(Jon and Mark laugh)

ES: The show is very wild to put it mildly, Where there any ideas or concepts that were to inappropriate for the network?

Jon: They can beep anything that we are not supposed to say…

Mark: I don’t think there was anything that we couldn’t do, that would have probably address during the writing. There is some very graphic stuff, for instance I give birth through my throat. It starts as a ball, and it gets bigger and bigger then it comes out.

Stephen: I think they did that on season three of golden girls. Not that again! We try to put a unique spin on it though.

ES: That’s like a mid season episode.

Stephen: If you go to you’ll see it. There’s a load of examples.

Jon: I think it was home improvement.

Stephen: Save it for season two is what I said.

ES: Is there any possibility, because you have so many awesome guest stars, to get Karl Pilkington to guest star on Dream Corp LLC?

Jon: That’s not a bad idea…

Stephen: That’s a great idea. Thank you for that, make a note of that, but give him no credit.

ES: I just want to see it!

Stephen: There are really good guest stars in this season, that they’ve forbidden us to talk about.

Jon: They really are amazing.

Stephen: But feel free to hypothesize about who they could be. Maybe Brad Pitt is in it, maybe he’s not?

Mark: Maybe Angelina Jolie?

ES: Maybe both of them are in it at the same time.

Stephen: Maybe? We’re not saying he’s not in it. We are living in a post truth age.

Mark: What we can say is, we do have the whole season two Simpsons characters. The young ones. Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson. That’ll be in the show.

Stephen: There is the Simpsons, and the Family Guy. All the Disney characters.

Mark: Yeah Disney and Knotts Berry Farm, we did a tie-in.

(Stephen, Jon, and Mark laugh)

ES: I know that Jim Hensen Company works for the show, is there any possibilities of Terry getting a robot friend this season?

Stephen: I can’t deny… I can’t say whether that does happen.

Jon: If you keep your eyes peeled, there may be a little visitor.

Stephen: Is there?

Jon: Dust bunnies.

Stephen: Oh yeah… I thought you were just speculating on things that might be…

ES: We did have a lot of time between the first season and the second season, it looks like you were able to keep pretty much all the cast, is there anyone you wanted to bring back, but couldn’t.

Jon: That’s a very good question. See Joey’s in a coma.

Mark: Stephanie Allynne, she’s in a coma. So you probably wont see her as much this year.

Jon: We have another return this year, played by Megan Ferguson, who is amazing.

Mark: She is absolutely amazing.

Jon: She is brilliant.

Mark: She is almost like an Igor character…

Jon: Played by Lucille Ball.

Mark: …or Groucho Marx. So we are excited to have welcomed her to be on the series.

Stephen: But maybe Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

Jon: I’ve heard rumors.

Stephen: When I’ve said, X I meant Y. So they’ll definitely be on the show, but later I’ll say, when I said definitely, I meant….

(Stephen, Jon, and Mark laugh)

Dream Corp LLC is back up and running this October 21 on Adult Swim!

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