National Video Games Day On September 12th 2019

Tomorrow, September 12th, is National Video Games Day, and while a lot of people, if they are aware of it, will be celebrating by playing video games, Gamestop will be what they normally do on the holiday, supporting charities like GameStop Gives and Make A Wish Foundation.

We do want to clarify, that this is not the only thing happening, as GameStop announced today that they will be closing over 100 stores.

Moving past all those employees that will be losing their job, and not to make light of it… even though I would love to make a joke about due to GameStops refusal to properly staff their stores, only 10 employees will be fired as a result of those 100 stores closing down, I think doing so would be in bad form.

All day tomorrow of September 12th, 2019, Gamestop will be working on a day-long fundraiser with partners in the gaming industry taking over their twitter account, and answering all your interesting questions.

Participating followers have a chance to win prizes from: Funko, Turtle Beach, Gunnar, and more that are not yet announced.

People online and in store, the ones remaining, can also get involved in the matter by purchasing KontrolFreek products, check some out Here. Every purchase of a KontrolFreek product on September 12th will result in a donation of $2 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Additionally, PowerUp Rewards Members who choose to donate to the charity will earn 3x the normal rate of points for donations of $1 or more.

Lastly, if you just want to give money through their site Here!

You can keep track of Gamestops activities, and join in, on the day by following Gamestop on Twitter Here!

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