Movies Releasing For The Week of July 12

21 Bridges – Releasing 07/12/19
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – (None Available Yet)
New York is on edge as a pair of cop killers try to flee the city. To prevent escape from Manhattan the police raise or close all 21 bridges. One detective, played by Chadwick Boseman, has what it takes to find the killers, but he uncovers much more, as conspiracy spreads all through the city.

If you are looking for a crime thriller then this is the film for you this week. This one is definitely a heavy one though.

The Art of Self Defense – Releasing 07/12/19
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – (None Available Yet)
Casey, played by Jesse Eisenberg, is attacked by a motorcycle gang, and it rocks his meager life. Refusing to be a victim anymore, he joins a gym run by a Sensei, played by Alessandro Nivola, and Anna, played by Imogen Poots, so that he can learn to protect himself. However things aren’t all they are cracked up to be, as he finds himself trapped in a world of toxic masculinity, and absurdity.

Jesse Eisenberg can push people off of a project due to the rolls he has played in the past, but I think that he has a lot of potential, and shouldn’t be ruled out due to prior works. This film may be hard to swallow at first, but it looks intriging, and may just the right amount of comedy to a seriously dark sub plot.

Crawl – Releasing 07/12/19
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – (None Available Yet)
Haley, played by Kaya Scodelario, is staring down a huge hurricane coming to Florida. Instead of properly fleeing, she searches though for her father, played by Barry Pepper.

This movie showcases the enduring love of family members as they have to overcome horrific odds, or die trying. While some might say it’s still to soon for a movie like this after the horrors of past storms, tragedies will unfortunately keep happening.

The Farewell – Releasing 07/12/19
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – 100%
A beautiful film about the lengths a family will go through to celebrate the life of their grandmother, before she passes. As the family secretly schedules a wedding/family gathering, to bring everyone together before she passes away, and the difficulty of one member of the family, as she disagrees with the families action of keeping it a secret.

I know the pain of wanting to share a momment like this with an elder family member, as my own grandfather passed away before my wedding. It was heartbreaking. This film captures that same desire to prevent it from happening to them. As it is part for the grandmother, and part the family’s own desire.

Stuber – Releasing 07/12/19
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer Score – 57%
Stu, played by Kumail Nanjiani, is a rideshare service driver who is just trying to make ends meet, when he picks up a cop, played by Dave Bautista, who takes him on an insane journey to catch a murderer.

This is a weird modern day buddy cop. I never thought we’d have a comedy version of Collateral, but if it was going to happen, I’m glad it’s with Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista. That being said, I doubt it’s a five star rated ride.

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