Make A Mooby’s Pop-Up In Your Own House

We earlier in the year covered the Mooby’s Pop-Up and Home Delivery even before that, but every time we talked online about the Mooby’s Pop-up, all we heard were about fans upset that they couldn’t get to enjoy the fun.

Thanks to Kevin Smith and Goldbelly though, that is no longer the case!

So if you can’t make it to Los Angeles, don’t worry, you can still enjoy a meal from the fictional fast food joint straight out of the mind of Kevin Smith!

Delivery kits from Goldbelly can be ordered Here for $79! In the kits, fans can get the materials for Mooby’s “Cow Tipper” double cheeseburgers (or vegan Beyond Meat burgers) with the supplies needed for to make six burgers. The kits will also come with Mooby’s branded cups, pretzel bags, and a special gift!

So get your burger on!

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