What’s Happening At Loot Crate?

Loot Crate, the geek themed Box of products (some that you don’t really want) is changing ownership.

They started off as a Los Angeles based start-up, in the forefront of the “mail you some stuff” market. Although they didn’t invent the medium, they were one of the most successful within it. Now the company is transforming? Evolving? Leveling Up? From Loot Crate to “The Loot Company”, a lot is changing.

First “The Loot Company” is a part of NECA the fandom licensed collectible company that a lot of people forget of.

Here are some little known NECA facts:

  • They hold over 60 licenses for entertainment franchises.
  • You can find NECA products in stores like Best Buy and Target.
  • NECA stands for National Entertainment Collectibles Association.
  • NECA is an American manufacturing company based out of New Jersey.
  • NECA purchased Kidrobot in 2014, and returned it to an artist-run company.
  • NECA also owns Joseph Enterprises, Inc., the creator of the Chia Pet and The Clapper.
  • NECA owns Wizkids, a New Jersey game development company who invented the combat dial system used in HeroClix.
  • So what does this mean for the current Looters signed up for the service? Well NECA is known for their limited edition collectibles and exlusives. At it’s current price point though, I don’t see that being in every box. That being said, they could use their licenses to create smaller and still limited items for thier members.

    In their public announcement, they promise better exclusives and experiences from the service, and that the change won’t effect their time tables.

    So honestly, I can’t really see this being a bad thing, with the exception that the independent company went a bit corporate. Unless they raise the prices, or drop the quality, we don’t forsee a lot of blow back. So is it really so bad that a non-independent took over, considering how they treated Kidrobot when they purchased it?

    Time will tell, but make sure you are subscribed to take advantage of the new limited items in their boxes!

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