Sell Your Soul For Amazing Water

We recently found out about Liquid Death, and that there is a company out there actually giving you value for your damaged soul.

If you head to Liquid Death’s Website, you can join their “Country Club” by filling out and signing a contract for your soul.

Once you sell your soul though, you will receive a voucher that you can redeem for a free VIP case of Liquid Death on your first Country Club, as long as you are ordering 2 cases.

Some people however have reported getting more then a free case with purchase of case, as the above Joe Manganiello sold his soul to Liquid Death, and was granted the boon of becoming an official Liquid Death shareholder and brand ambassador.

The water is $1.59 per Tallboy can (or $19.08 for a 12 pack). So getting 24 Tallboy cans for $19.08 is nothing to sniff at, making each come out to a total of 80 cents a can! Definitely worth your horrible and gently used soul. I mean you weren’t using it.

You can sell your soul Here!

Last month, in honor of Halloween, Liquid Death even hired the witch doctor, Mystic Dylan to curse their product. It is said that all who consume their deliciously pure sustainable water will become a “magnet for demons”, and therefore more likely to sell their soul to the company!

All kidding asside, Liquid Death‘s mission and goal is to push a sustainable water option onto the market, and push it’s #DeathToPlastic goals. So if you are willing to spend a little more on water, and want to reduce your carbon footprint, then I recommend checking out Liquid Death.

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