Legion M Partners With Endeavor Content

In the past we have talked to Terri Lubaroff about how Legion M acquires content at conventions.

Now in recent days, Legion M has announced a partnership with Endeavor Content.

So to get a better idea of how this partnership will effect how Legion M will acquire and work with original content moving forward, we decided to reach out to Terri Lubaroff of the company to bring you guys the answers.

When we asked if the policy was going to change the why content is selected, and how it would be effect by the now arrangement, Terri affirmed that the company is still fan owned, and with fans in mind. The primary change that will be occurring with Endeavor Content, will be specifically how the company interacts with others inside the industry. Endeavor Content will help Legion M find more investors, connect with actors or directors.

Terri also told us about their experience at Sundance Film Festival, the partnership with Pizza Hut, and the success of the amazing app. When asked how the Endeavor Content partnership changed the situation for Sundance, Terri informed us that while they are still looking to fans to find the right movies that Legion M should look into, Endeavor Content was able to let them know about films and projects at the festival that might be interesting, and get them connected to them, if the company and it’s members fall in love with their product.

In prior coverage, Terri mentioned how Endeavor Content had already helped Legion M prior, we asked Terri about how they have helped, and she mentioned that with regards to the awesome acquiring of Brian Staveley’s “The Emperor’s Blades”, they couldn’t do that without the help of Endeavor Content.

Generally the message to take from the agreement, is that Endeavor Content will allow Legion M to achieve their goal even better, the goal of Opening the Gates of Hollywood to their investors.

Don’t worry though about the arrangement with Endeavor Content affecting the Rounds of Investment, now currently open for Round 6 (invest today!), the only thing that might change, would be Endeavor Content bringing more investors to the rounds, which would only help Legion M and their agents produce more content!

If you want to hang out with Legion M, they will be at C2E2, Emerald City Comic Con, WonderCon Anaheim, and San Diego Comic Con. Make sure to stop by and tell them Nerd News Social sent you!

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