Tony Hawk Sold His Soul For Bloody Skateboards!

I knew that title would get your attention! Liquid Death Mountain Water is at it again with their amazing and interesting marketing plans to get the word out about how bad plastic is for our environment. They will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal, and that includes bleeding their followers dry!

Well one follower and member of the Liquid Death Country Club, Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk joined the Liquid Death Country Club, and you can to, selling their soul to the company, and Liquid Death didn’t hesitate to claim his blood as part of the agreement!

Now Liquid Death, and also Tony, will be infusing that very blood with paint and creating only 100 boards. Each will sell for $500, a hefty price point for sure, but portions of the profits will help 5 Gyres, an anti-plastic non-profit, and The Skatepark Project, Tony Hawk’s charity for the purpose of helping underserved communities get skate parks so that the children in those communities can have a safe place to hang with friends.

Think of all the amazing things you’ll be able to do with the board! Invoke/steal the talent of Tony Hawk when skateboarding, perform rites upon the board to summon the god of Skateboarding, or just clone thousands of tiny Tony Hawks. All because the paint is infused with Tony Hawk’s blood!

Pick up your own Tony Hawk limited Liquid Death Skateboard Here!

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