Liquid Death Is Getting Into The NFT Game

Liquid Death Mountain Water is no novice to exclusive clubs. To even be a part of their “Country Club” you have to sell your soul to them, see us talk about that Here. So when they announced their new “Severed Heads” NFTs I knew there would be something more.

Limited to only 6,666 NFTs, Liquid Death is creating the Murderlist (also known as their whitelist) which will allow users to access their limited NFTs, all of which called the Murder Head Death Club. That’s a lot of clubs, titles, and names!

All of the “Severed Heads” will be created with the art of Will Carsola, the creator of Mr. Pickles and Momma Named Me Sheriff. On top of the choice art, 10% of all Murder Head Death Club royalties will be donated to organizations in efforts to help kill plastic pollution. If you’re worried about the carbon footprint of NFTs, fear not, because Liquid Death is offsetting 110% of the carbon emissions generated from the mint of their “Severed Heads!”

Owning one or more “Severed Heads” will also net you bonuses!

    1. Access to private discord where you can give input on Liquid Death marketing plans!
      First access to tickets for exclusive events, music, festivals and tours!
      Reductin on NFT branded merch, non-members pay $100K, you pay $30!
    1. All of the above benefits!
      One of Liquid Death’s Souls from their collection!
      Other undisclosed surprises to come!
    1. All of the above benefits!
      Your NFT featured on Liquid Death cardboard packaging!
      Other undisclosed surprises to come!
    1. All of the above benefits!
      Things so cool it would ruin it, and you, by telling them now!

    The list is open, and the Heads will drop soon, so I recommend you head to Murderlist and pre-purchase some ETH to be ready to buy a “Severed Head” because not everyone will be able to get one!

    If NFTs are not your speed, you can always work to keep your head safe from the Thirst Murderer by picking up Liquid Death’s new Ski Goggles, or their Thirst Trap Skull Warmer!

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