Share Your Story With Los Angeles Public Library About Your Experience During COVID

You have lived through a historic time. A time like the Spanish Flu, which almost no one was taught about in school a year prior to COVID-19. Now much knowledge was lost between those moments. In an effort to have a clear picture of the struggles of this pandemic, the Los Angeles Public Library is inviting Angelenos to share with them items that document their experiences and life during this pandemic.

Welcome submissions include:

  • Photographs
  • Letters/Emails
  • Journal Entries
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Notices
  • Creative Art
  • Poetry
  • All the submissions must be submitted digitally as a screenshot, or PDF. All items submitted through this site will be made available to the public with Los Angeles Public Library’s online special collections portal.

    So do you have anything to contribute? How has your life changed, what have you created as a result? What do you want future generations to know about your life during this time?

    Submit your voice Here, but do it before January 9, 2021!

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