Prep For Work, Find Work, And Save With LA’s Public Library

A lot of people don’t know about all the things that the Los Angeles Public Library provides to their patrons and cardholders. They have put together a series of resources Here to help you with your career, and future. Here are a couple of their services.

  • Career Prep
    1. If you are looking for a career, and how to be skilled to enter into the field of choice, the Los Angeles Public Library connects you with Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center to plan education, to help with career coaching, and resume preparing.
      Head Here to get help with your career prep.
  • Job Hunt
    1. Got your education and documents in order, but need the job? Well Los Angeles Public Library connects their patrons to Work Source and Cal Jobs, so you can search for employment opportunities.
      Head Here to get help finding a career.
  • Money Education
    1. Are you a little confused when it comes to financial planning, where the market is headed, and economic trends? Well the Los Angeles Public Library has put together a large list of places to head to find out more about those topics.
      Head Here to find sources for money news.
  • Popular Money Tools
    1. Need help preparing for balancing your finances? Los Angeles Public Library provided a comprehensive list of online tools including financial calculators for debt, credit, and more.
      Head Here to find sources for money tools.
  • Entrepreneurs & Small Business Tools and Education
    1. If you are an entrepreneur, or planning on starting up your own business, then you may want to check out Los Angeles Public Library and their collection of free tools and teaching opportunities that will help you plan, and protect your interests.
      Head Here to find sources and tools for your small business.

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