LA Comic Con Is This Weekend!

LA Comic Con is THIS WEEKEND, Friday through Sunday at the LA Convention Center. Over 100,000 attendees are expected for L.A. Comic Con 2018 and over $11M was spent at the con in 2017. Nerd News Social will be there to relay you everything NNS worthy going on. But to prepare you, I have put together this short list of our favorite noteworthy events and panels to be prepared for. What I especially love about this convention is that it’s small enough that you could do it in a day, it’s easy public transportation on the Metro, lots of Halloween themed items and cosplay, you have a chance to see Stan Lee, and the ticket prices are quite fair.



There is SO much going on this weekend, below are the items of note that you should for sure know about.

Tenacious D in Post-Apocolypto

First thing we should mention is that you can enter a lottery for free tickets to this screening with private intro and Q&A with Jack Black and Kyle Glass. Limited seating and names selected at random, so enter the lottery HERE.

Mandy Panel with Elijah Wood

This movie has been getting a lot of traction and I’m very excited to see it! This panel is Saturday 7P and does cost $15 a ticket BUT you get to see a private screening with a personal intro to the movie with Elijah Wood, Lisa Whalen, Josh Waller, and Daniel North and they will be discussing upcoming projects.

Jimmy Neutron 15th Anniversary Cast Reunion

The cast will include Megan Cavanagh, Carolyn Lawrence, Jeff Garcia, Debi Derryberry, Candi Milo, and Mark DeCarlo on the main stage Saturday 12P.

King Vader Performance

King Vader will be doing a live performance on the main stage Saturday 3P doing a recreation of his epic series “Hood Naruto.” Additionally he will be getting audience participation and recording it for his next YouTube video, so if you want a chance to be seen, join in!

Trick-Or-Treating and Costume Contest

Kids 12 and under can get in for FREE! If you want to take your kid, this convention has a very safe and fun experience sponsored by Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2.

Artist Alley

Travel down Artist Alley to the Art Hole presented by Witchsy! Featuring killer artists of varying styles, you’ll see why it’s Witchsy’s mission to create a community with a passion for art!



Kidrobot kills it with their awesome figures and toys! This time their exclusives for LA Comic Con will have SpongeBob, Sanrio, and My Little Pony. But another major player will also be Hot Topic with some exclusive Pop! Vinyl figures. Check the list HERE.



A select few that I am interested in are Tim Cook, Joe Benitez, Skottie Young, Kristen Liu-Wong, Danny Trejo, Norm Rapmund, Faith Schaffer, and DMC! The guest list has way too much to list, so you can view it HERE and you can check their schedules and photo/autograph prices HERE.



Same with the panels, there are way too many things to list, so below are my favorites that have not been stated in the featured list above. You can check the whole programming schedule HERE.


  • 2:30P, Main Stage: Nerdfest
  • 4:30P, Main Stage: Le Geek So Chic Fashion Show


  • 10A, 404: The History and Making of Saturday Morning Cartoons with Hanna-Barbera/Filmation Director/Animator Tim Cook
  • 10A, 410: Mythology of Final Fantasy
  • 10:30A, Main Stage: Stunts of Marvel & Daredevil Stunt Team
  • 11A, 403A: Sketch to Screen: Ready Player One, Rampage, and Beyond with Aaron Sims (Stranger Things, Wonder Woman, Planet of the Apes Trilogy) and the ASC artist team
  • 11A, Main Stage: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • 11:45A: SYFY: Deadly Class Premiere Screening
  • 12P: Superman’s 80th Anniversary Panel
  • 12P Droid Building 101! R2 and BB8
  • 12:30P, Main Stage: Steven Universe
  • 2P, 403B: Adult Swim’s Hot Streets
  • 3:30P, Main Stage: Comic Artist Skottie Young
  • 6P, Main Stage: Cosplay National Championship


  • 10A: Back to the Future: Secrets of the DeLorean Time Machine
  • 11A, Main Stage: Power Rangers 25th Anniversary
  • 11:30A, 403A: Deadpool the Musical 2!
  • 1P, Main Stage: Comic Book Men
  • 1P: Everything You Wanted to Know About Zombies
  • 4P, Main Stage: GeekFest Film Festival Awards



There are SO many vendors, I won’t be listing each one here that I’m interested in, but you can view the entire list HERE. We will most likely do a post-con update and share with you specific vendors at that time. Or follow our social networks to see on the moment things we are liking!


So that’s everything so far that is NNS noteworthy. Be sure to follow our Instagram where we will be doing some live video feeds and posting some great photos. If there is anything you think we should report on, please let us know in the comments. See you there and/or chat with us on our social networks!


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