LA Comic Con Follow Up

Thank you LA Comic Con for another great year under our belts! We were able to get into the convention before it even opened which allowed us to walk most of the floor, chat with a few business owners, and try some amazing products and samples. If you want to know more about what was at the convention this year including panels, exclusives, guests, etc., check out our previous article HERE.

The main stage this year looked amazing, they really stepped up the design and layout. Same with the VIP lounge which had retro video games and an arcade you could relax and play, a hefty bar, and a place to network.

One of the first booths we saw was Wild Bill’s Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co. Not only was this an amazing looking booth, this was a great booth to hit up because if you buy one of their awesome metal mugs for $20, you can fill up your mug with as much of their root beer options as many times as you like throughout the day! A few of their stand out flavors were Rocky Mountain Root Beer, Sarsaparilla Six Shooter, and Gatling Gun Grape.

There are so many great booths and artists but in particular, since this is my article, I’d like to give a shout out to a few booths of my choice. The Museum of Wasteland History which looked amazing, like it was lifted from another universe. The items, such as Nuka Cola in bottles, and the people looked perfectly matched to the space. Another was W.O.W. (Women of Wrestling) booth which had an actual wrestling ring, but a bit smaller than the usual size, and had live wrestling! You can hear some of the body slams from so many booths over. Quite a show! Legion M, the world’s first fan-owned media company, also had an amazing large booth with lots of memorabilia from different movies and shows such as Stranger Things and the new Nicholas Cage movie Mandy. It was laid out so well and it being a fan-owned company, they even did something with some of the posters that if you looked closely you can see photos of some of the fans who support Legion M inside the posters making up the images! Very awesome idea on their part. Eric even did an interview with them and we will update you when it’s ready to share!

A few other booths of note… I have to give a big MMM to The Truffle Cottage. They had breathtaking and tummy rumbling treats in the shape of various nerdy shapes such as the logo from Ghostbusters, an Alien egg, dinosaur bones, and so much more! You must check them out, they can even make things for your own brand. Another is the Cinema Makeup School. As always they did live makeup on models to look like monsters and other con appropriate transformations. And since it was very cool to have them there, I’d like to give a shout out to Scum and Villainy who had a stylized booth/bar where you can order themed cocktails and some were made just for the LA Comic Con event.

We also did a few interviews and panels on video and those we will share with you soon! We stopped to chat with Chuck Patton of Marvel and DC artist fame in a video interview about a new Netflix Original Series called “Kulipari: Dream Walker” directed by him which is coming out on Netflix November 20th! We also got a 1-1 interview with Aaron Sims of Aaron Sims Creative who’s team have done the visual effects for movies and series such as Stranger Things, WonderWoman, IT, Logan, and sooo much more! We also got to see a VERY interesting Adult Swim panel for Hot Streets and let me tell you, it was such a crazy panel we can’t wait to show you the footage!

So that’s it for the LA Comic Con follow up. It will be back again next year October 11th through the 13th so be sure to mark your calendars. If there was anything you found at the con you’d like to share, please do in the comments. We live streamed on Instagram through the con and will share with you when our videos are ready to be posted. Next convention we will be attending will be Designer Con November 16th through the 18th, so be sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook for the latest photos of the event!

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