Jersey Mike’s Sub Above Grant Competition

Jersey Mike’s is an interesting story. It was just a sandwich shop, that a high school football player worked at part time. When the owner planned to sell the company, the player knew that this could be a stepping stone to greater things. He approached his football coach for help, and impassioned by the boy’s pleas, he loaned him the seed money to make his dream come true.

I don’t know for a fact, but that might be the reason that Jersey Mike’s wants to celebrate those that go… a Sub Above, as a way of repaying the man that made his dream come true. Regardless if that is the facts, you can pay back, or have Jersey Mike’s pay back if lucky, the person who goes a Sub Above in your community.

Nominate A Local Hero, or even yourself (good sign that you wont get selected though… just saying). Of all of the people entered, Jersey Mike’s will choose five out of all those submitted to receive the Sub Abover Grant which includes $5,000 to help the nominee with his causes.

How To Nominate

It’s really easy, you head to the link below and give a little basic information about the person.

When you nominate someone though, they are expecting to know why. You have to do it in under 250 words too.

Don’t fret though, you can link to articles or pictures in your essay.

How They Win

Jersey Mike’s will select a jury of five judges, and judges will apply a rating scale that rates the person under this scoring system:

  • Nominee’s accomplishments (20%)
  • How the Nominee has made an impact on others’ lives (20%)
  • How well the Nominee exhibits a “Sub Above” approach to life (60%)
  • Get To It!

    What are you waiting for? Nominate the person in your life that rises above the crowd Here!

    The time to nominate is close to ending, on January 6, 2020. So you better hurry up!

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