Help Nancy Drew Solve A Crime In Hunt A Killer’s New Game

We’ve talked about Hunt A Killer before, whether it was their tie in with The Blair Witch or their book Perfect Score with Scholastic. We really like this box delivery mystery company, and all the great ideas they have.

Did you know that they also did stand-alone mystery box games that don’t require a monthly subscription? They do!

Now, for their game lineup, Hunt A Killer has partnered with Simon & Schuster for their next all-in-one mystery game so that it can focus on Nancy Drew! Nancy Drew has been a Young Adult crime solver for over 90 years, and it’s hard to find a person who hasn’t even heard of the heroine. Now she will jump out of the box and into your home as you race to help her!

The game, releasing mid October 2021, will be called Mystery at Magnolia Gardens and up to six players will be tasked with helping Nancy Drew solve the case.

A victim has been poisoned at the Magnolia Botanical Gardens, but when Nancy herself seems to have gotten poisoned as well in her investigations, she needs help from an outside source before the perp gets away, or worse… poisons more!

Players will comb through police reports, maps of the scene, clues and more as the attempt to save Nancy, and catch the culprit!

Pre-order the game on Amazon for $29.99 now by clicking on this link!

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