New Kat Dennings Series “Dollface” Premieres November 15th 2019

Hulu’s new scripted comedy show called Dollface, is set to start streaming on November 15th, 2019. The series will show the journey a woman has to take to overcome her own imagination and re-enter her female fellowship, after having broken up with her boyfriend.

The character along the relationship had left those friendships behind for a number of reasons, and she will regain her friendships and support system over the course of at least a 10 episode season.

A part of me really hopes this is an adaptation of Drop Dead Fred, but unfortunately I know it isn’t.

That being said, they have an amazing supporting cast of women including: Shay Mitchell (Emily from Pretty Little Liars), Esther Povitsky (Maya from Crazy Ex Girlfriend), Brenda Song (London from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody), and Beth Grant (The Woman with Hair But No Beard from A Series of Unfortunate Events)

Make sure to start streaming Dollface, November 15th, on Hulu!

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