Hero’s Journey Still Not Opening And How COVID-19 Effected It

We’ve been following the journey, and tragedy that has been the awesome gym, Hero’s Journey.

Now with the final stages of Los Angeles’ re-opening gym’s are able to finally open their doors back in limited versions. However, when returning to the location, we can’t forget the unfortunate things that plagued them before the… well plague.

This awesome gym was forced from their location and took over a new space that used to be a pet grooming store. To run it as a gym, they needed to do massive work on the site to convert it. This required construction and permits to get the gym up to full form.

Burbank has prolonged the process of plan approval.

Then Coronavirus hit the country, and Los Angeles closed all gyms for health issues. During that time though the Burbank planning and permit divisions were not processing plans. So due to those reasons, the gym is still not ready to fully open up.

If you’d like to help and support Hero’s Journey, there are quite a few ways to do so.

You can join Hero’s Journey Fitness Online via their Patreon.
You can also support their coaches online as well:

  • Coach Corrin offers classes on ZOOM, and can be found Here.
  • Coach Steph offers daily ZOOM classes, and can be found Here.
  • Coach Brian offers classes on ZOOM, and can be found Here.
  • Coach Miracle offers online guided meditation, and can be found Here.
  • Another way that you can show your support is to reach out to the city of Burbank, via email Here, to ask them to process the permit and inspect the location for Hero’s Journey.

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