Halloween Horror Nights Returns To Universal Studios!

Last year was a bit hard for Halloween lovers. While you could still celebrate Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving with your close family, Halloween just doesn’t work in a quarantine. So if you fit in the camp of sad trick and treaters, then you’ll be happy to hear that Universal Studios in Orlando and Hollywood are bringing back their amazing and powerful haunted maze events!

I guess the world is healing.

Not only will the experience be back, but the event will house all-new mazes, one inspired by Netflix’s amazing and critically acclaimed series The Haunting of Hill House which took the impressive story that has existed for decades in the horror field, and has been retold several times, and rebranded and revitalized the property.

The maze based on the series will put you in the shoes of the series’ Crain family. Experience the Red Room, the Hall of Statues, the Tall Man, the Bent-Neck Lady, and the haunted basement.

can you survive the powerful forces of Hill House, or are you going to become the next permanent resident?

The park event is officially back and tickets are available for an early September start beginning on the 3rd in Orlando and the 9th in Hollywood and will continue until Sunday, October 31st!

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now before they go for the night you want!

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