Buy An Acre Of Mars?

We know that a lot of people aren’t going to be interested in this, frankly even we know that this purchase is highly fraudulant.

But that’s not The Point, everyone needs something to look forward to right now, with the whole quarantine, and if you are dreaming of your vacation away from home once you are able to, why not aim high… like super high.

Buy Planet Mars normally sells their “Acre” of Mars land for $35, but for Groupon users, you can purchase an “Acre” on the red planet for only $15 right now!

We all know though that it’s a novel gift for entertainment purposes, but what do you get with your purchase?

You’ll get a PDF packet that includes:

  • A deed to the acre.
  • A map of your land.
  • A Mars info eBook.
  • It’s not super cheap, but if you are looking for something fun for your junior astronaut at home, then this is a petty nice gift to keep their mind off being stuck inside during the pandemic.

    So if this interests you, or you know someone who would want it, then head Here to get your own “Acre” now!

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