Get Back Into Travel And Adventure With GoPro

Looking to return to traveling in 2021, but don’t want to look like you escaped from a 2010 time capsule? GoPro has items from their lifestyle collection that will make you look like the trendy traveler on the go with a purpose behind the products!

Mezcal Floating Sunglasses
Hitting the water? Well Mezcal is the perfect sunglasses for the action packed adventurer.

While stylish (pick from grey, blue, or amber lenses), these glasses provide polarized 100% UV A/B protection for your peepers. The trendy case not only holds the glasses, but also the lenses allowing you want to swap on the go. If that wasn’t enough, the Mezcal glasses also float so you won’t lose them in the pool.

Pick up your Mezcal glasses here for $79.99. (If you are a GoPro subscriber pick them up for $59.99)

Weekender Backpack
Got a journey you need to take, but need to keep your gear organized and safe? They got an option for that!

Function meet style. Slide a 15″ laptop in? No problem. Need a way to keep your tools and cameras organized? They have a section in the back for just that! Built-in shoulder mount for your GoPro? Pretty specific, but of course they have a shoulder mount for the GoPro!

Pick up your Weekender Backpack here for $129.99. (If you are a GoPro subscriber pick it up for $90.99)

New & Improved 3-Way 2.0
Check out what the 3-Way can do now that they’ve updated it!

The 3-Way has returned better than ever with a ball joint to give you more versatility when trying to get the best angles for your filming. It also features a quick-release so you can swap to a different camera if needed.

Pick up a 3-Way 2.0 grip here for $69.99. (If you are a GoPro subscriber pick it up for $48.99)

Alpenglow Neck Gaiter
Coming in June, GoPro has your facemask requirements covered.

GoPro knows that we’re still in pandemic, so to keep you safe as you explore the world don’t forget your facemask. With the ease of use and function considered this 4-way multi-use neck gaiter can protect your face, keep your neck warm, or cover your whole head!

While it’s not out now, when it comes out in June you can pick up the Alpenglow for $19.99. (If you are a GoPro subscriber pick it up for $13.99)

GoPro Subscriber

So we’ve mentioned it a couple of times, but what is a GoPro Subscriber? Well, it’s a service provided by the company to support the video capturing adventurer on the go. Unlimited cloud storage from your GoPro devices, 30-50% savings on GoPro items at their site, and up to two camera replacement exchanges allowed a year for those videographers that take more of a beating.

The cost of the subscription is $49.99 a year, but if you are planning on picking up a couple of the items on this list, then you might want to subscribe first by heading Here.

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