GlobalComix Brings A Gold Option For A Monthly Price

Looking for a revolutionary digital comic website that not only delivers content but creates a venue for independent creators?

GlobalComix, gives fans of independent comic books a venue to find comics, and view them. Some are free, some a reading fee, but now the fee doesn’t matter because this site is offering a monthly fee that will be applied to the users called GlobalComix GOLD! On the service, you can read comics, graphic novels, and mangas!

With GOLD the user will have full access to the whole GlobalComix digital library lineup regardless of free content, or if there normally would be a charge. The charge to the member is $7.99, and that revenue is actually split amongst the independent content creators on the site, based on what content the user actually consumes.

This not only gives plenty of content for users but also allows more indie comics creators to reach a larger marketplace. So if you are looking for new comics to read, or a place to sell your content, then head over to GlobalComix!

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