Gift-A-Part Is Doing Their Part To Help Out Seniors And Healthcare Workers

We’ve actually covered Gift-A-Part before, doing an indepth dive into their site for the purposes of our viewers, (you can find our video Here).

It’s important to note that Gift-A-Part regularly does not have a charge. It’s a free to use aggregate business site of over 200 online stores, that can be used to shop, or more likely to list off your items you need for holidays, birthdays, or significant events. You don’t have to use it for just that, as it can be used for gifts from supporters all year round, or asking friends in a better place to chip in for minor things you need in these trying times.

However, we are back to talk about Gift-A-Part once more because they are doing a couple of things to help people out in this trying time.

Making Life Easier For Seniors

In an effort to make seniors a bit safer during COVID-19, Gift-A-Part is making their Giftapart+ add on to their site available for free for people over 60 years old for three months!

This is very helpful since most malls are shut down, and if they have something they need, this gives them a place to find a myriad of items in one localized hub.

Founder and CEO Filipe Pedroso said the reason he was doing this was to help “..seniors who are stuck at home and may need to make purchases online…” he additionally said, “We want to do something to help in these difficult times. The older population is especially impacted, vulnerable, and at-risk to COVID-19.”

If you are a senior and want to take advantage of this service, head to Gift-A-Part and create a free account. Then email seniors (at) giftapart (dot) com with your sign-up email account and include a photo of your Drivers license, passport, or birth certificate to confirm your age. Then they will send back a code for the free Giftapart+ membership!

Giving Thanks To Healthcare Providers

For World Health Day, Gift-A-Part wanted to do something for those that put themselves in harms way during this pandemic, so Filipe Pedroso extended their free offer of Giftapart+ to US Doctors, nurses, EMS personnel, hospital staff, and everyone in the medical profession, including paid and volunteer providers.

If you work in the healthcare profession and want to take advantage of this service, head to Gift-A-Part and create a free account. Then email covid19 (at) giftapart (dot) com with your sign-up email account before April 30, 2020, and include a photo of your work id, or proof of your employment. Then they will send back a code for the free Giftapart+ membership!

What is Giftapart+?

Giftapart+ is a service that unlocks additional features for their members. For the current events happening at this time, they have temporarily reduced the current free shipping threshold for members from $49 to $29. So that people would be able to get what they need as they need it. The service which is normally $99 has also been reduced for a limited time to $79 to make it easier on their users, specifically with the current struggles with employment for most Americans right now.

Services Included with Giftapart+ are:

  • Free shipping for mixed and matched purchases at $29 and over.
  • Extra 50% on the current Cashback Rewards on all purchases, equaling 10% back on purchases.
  • Cashback Rewards on other people’s purchaces for you on your gift list.
  • Students who attend a qualifying college or university can also pick up Giftapart+ for 50% off the yearly membership at this time. For only $49.50!

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