LARP Cruise Coming To Los Angeles!

We previously talked about the nerd themed vacation company Geeky Getaways, when we met them at Nerd Expo last year, you can read that article Here, but now we feel it’s important to let you know about an amazing experience they are helping set up.

Are you a LARPer, or at the very least LARP-curious? Well, if you are, then you’ll be happy to know that Geeky Getaways is helping organize
The Dreaming Sea cruise on the Carnival Cruise Line.

The cruise will take place on August 30, 2019 out of Long Beach California, and will continue through until September 3, 2020.

Prices for the cruise for an inside cabin will range from $704.64 – $709.64 and for an ocean view would be $764.64 – $784.64. This is based on a double occupancy, with port fees, taxes, event fees, and processing fees included. This does not include gratuities, port events, insurance, or beverage packages.

During the Cruise Line, the LARP group will be running family friendly activities themed off of the literary and cinematic worlds of Midsummer Night’s Dream, Labyrinth, Saga, folklore, and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. The event is designed for people ages 12 and up, and will be talking place during the stops at Catalina Island and Mexico.

Here are the LARP themed things you’ll be able to do during the cruise:

  • QR-Code Based Scavenger Hunt.
  • Off-Shore Excursions.
  • Complete Challenges.
  • Complete Quests.
  • On Ship Events.
  • I will be honest though, this is not a combat LARP, it focuses on storytelling, roleplaying, puzzle solving, and character development.

    It’s important to also know that Non-LARP passengers will be on the boat as well, so responsible behaviors from LARP participators will be expected. Included in this, is costume guidelines:

  • Masks are not allowed onboard, customs or security checkpoints.
  • Full face makeup/ prosthetics are not allowed (Elf ears not included).
  • Clothing with objectionable graphics, objectional material, or obscene language is not allowed.
  • Inappropriate clothing for a family environment is not allowed.
  • Costumes with dangerous or sharp extensions are not allowed.
  • Weapons that resemble actual weapons are not allowed.
  • Refusal to follow the rules of the dress could could lead to ejection from the cruise ship.

    Also, if you get a little bored of roleplaying during the event, the Cruise still has it’s regular experience available. Visit the pool, water park, eat delicious food, cruise activities, live shows, live music, karaoke bar, and on ship night club.

    If you are sold, then request your booking Here.

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