Some Words With The People Behind Gameboard-1

Earlier this year, we did an article talking about the cool features of the Gameboard-1, find it Here, and the gadget went live, and it is more then successful!

Over $170,000 pledged of the requested $100,000 goal. Almost double the what they requested.

If you haven’t backed it yet, then you still have time, as the Kickstarter ends in three days!

We wanted to find out a little more about this awesome gadget, so we reached out to the creators:

Eric Seuthe II: Having grown up as a fan of traditional board games, like Chutes and Ladders, will there be a definite push with the major companies to attempt to get those types of board games onto this device?

    Shail Metha: Yes, we are already in discussions with larger studios to bring on more traditional, nostalgic games. It’s important for us to have the connection between games we all grew up with and new adventurous ones.

Eric: Will there be a push by the company to reach out to the independent board game industry to bring their games onto your system?

    Shail: Absolutely. We will have a game partner manager position who’s full time job is to find, enable and launch game creators of all sizes onto the board. Our goal is to democratize this process – not just have another channel for only the established companies.

Eric: How would an independent board game designer be able to get their game onto your system?

    Shail: The SDK is open to all. We will have support articles and example code with which they can use to adapt or create a their games natively, or via Unreal/Unity. For those developers requiring higher interaction, we will have a paid access tier (currently Dev tier on KS) that gives software and hardware architect access as well as influence to our hardware/software road map.

Eric: Whats your favorite feature for the Gameboard-1?

    Shail: My favorite is the game library. I’ve gone on many last minute runs looking for a particular game for game night, only to return empty handed. As a close second, I think the “legacy” minis are going to be a game changer for the industry. This opens up such an incredible new way to play games with new mechanics.

Eric: Are there any events or conventions that you will be showcasing your Gameboard-1 at in the near future?

    Shail: Yes, we plan on taking around the GB-1 to many conventions in 2020 (CES, GDC, E3, GenCon, etc.), but will also be doing road shows with game partners in targeted cities around the globe.

Eric: What is the average price that is suggested for retailers to charge for games on your platform?

    Shail: For the all-out-purchase, we’ll defer to the game maker on the purchase price. We charge a 30% split of the game purchase revenue. Likely this will be less than the analog, retail cost as distribution costs dramatically reduce. We recommend backing out current profit margins for their analog version to give them a starting price for purchase on the TLG library. However, the subscription model will very likely be much more lucrative as well as reach many more consumers in aggregate.

Eric: Will there be a uniform peripheral store for Gameboard-1 accessories from game developers, or will those types of items be sold directly from the 3rd party developers?

    Shail: Currently, we do not plan on coordinating the sale of peripherals. We will give them the official compatibility blessing, but don’t want to be in the peripherals market ourselves.

Eric: The product is named Gameboard-1 and your company is named “The Last Gameboard”, will there be a Gameboard-2 in the future?

    Shail: Yes, as with any product. Additional feature and hardware enhancements will be natural. Our current target is to release a new Gameboard version every two years, but that may vary with community/developer feedback and R&D advances.

If your interest is raised, then make sure to support their Kickstarter Here for your chance for the first run of the devices!

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