Star Wars Vs. Star Trek – Forsooth Podcast Season 4, Episode 5

Star Wars Vs. Star Trek – Forsooth Podcast (Season 4, Episode 5)
1 Hourish of Pop Culture, Science, and World News!

Are you guys ready to knock it out of the park?

By:Monica Joy Seuthe & Eric Bryan Seuthe II

Guest Stars: Jim Newman, Mistie Newman, Andrew Roos, and Justin Seuthe.

Brought To You By Five Fire Monkeys Entertainment & Nerd News Social

Rated: R (Strong Language, Sexual Themes, Bad Manners)

Featuring: Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Wars Land, Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland, Star Trek: Picard, Picard, universe, Economy, communistic, socialistic, currency, races, organization, Voyager, Deep Space 9, Star Trek: First Contact, Captain Kirk, Kirk, San Francisco, Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home, Earth, money, Federation, Credit, species, Bartender, Quark, gambling, latinum, The Next Generation, bar, Starfleet, Trade, galactic, war, Planets, resources, galaxy, Tatooine, terraform, Episode IV, monopoly, cartels, Jabba the Hutt, Episode VI, Government, military, nato, counsel, republic, united nations, Empire, trade war, clone war, globalization, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Seperatists, Episode II, Small Business, cantina, business, companies, Life, post scarcity, suffering, starvation, Jean-Luc Picard, rich, Droids, slaves, slavery, laborers, Punishment, prison, reform, rehabilitation, court martial, judges, exiled, imprisoned, torture, archaic

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