Forsooth: Miss America Is Still A Thing? – Season 1, Episode 13

Forsooth: Miss America Is Still A Thing? (Season 1, Episode 13)
30 Minutes of Pop Culture, Science, and World News!

The first episode back in clothes, and the 13th podcast by Seuthes, for Seuthes, with Seuthes.

We pack so much Pop Culture and news into one podcast that you’ll think you’ve been listening for hours, but in a good way? Check out Eric and Monica blowing through so many celebrities… phrasing.

By: Monica Joy Seuthe & Eric Bryan Seuthe II

Brought To You By Five Fire Monkeys Entertainment & Pop Culture University

Rated: R (Strong Language, Sexual Themes, Bad Manners)

Featuring: 54 Year Old, Cancer Patient, Cans Sir?, Nick Swardson, Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time, Grandma’s Boy, Reno 911, 3-D printed ribcage, Titanium Ribs, Wolverine, I Don’t Need Marrow, Illinois, The S Is Silent, Illinoise, Office Depot, Office Depot Still Exists, Anti-Abortion, Office Depot Print Policy, Graphic VS. Graphics, Graphic Equals Porn And Gore, Persecuting Her Right To Persecute, Good Job Office Depot, Using Self Print, Miss America, Miss America Is Still A Thing, Miss United States, America Wasn’t Contacted, Beat Out 49 Women, Talentedish, Pretty Woman, Middle America, Little Mexico, Baja Mexico, Baja Mexico Islands, Baja Mexico Islands West Sad Place, Cards Against Humanity, Seriously Miss America Is Still A Thing, Basically Strippers That Can’t Get Naked, Blaming The Victim, National Red Head Day, Monica Is A Leprechaun, USA Will Never Receive Red Head Day, Russian Nightmare, Head Surgery In 2017, Fate Worse Then Death, Bristol’s New Boy, Stalker With A Coffee Maker, Looking To Be A Baby Daddy, Maury, Exploiting Stupid People.

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