Floating Cinema Is Bringing A Boyant Event To Los Angeles

Everyone knows about Drive-In theaters, as they are the only theaters still working in the pandemic. Though, have you heard of a Boat-In theaters?

If you don’t know about the Floating Cinema, you do now! Floating Cinema is coming to Los Angeles, for a unique and interesting experience.

Space is limited to 12-24 boats, with eight seats per boat. Parties are required to purchase the whole boat worth of tickets, well for safety reasons.

I once again want to share the article that we created to give people an idea of whether or not they should attend physical experiences during the pandemic. So we recommend people check out our article on ”If You Should Go Out” Here. With health in safety in mind, we recommend that you specifically do not “Boat and Movie” watch with people outside of your house, as to limit contagion potential.

The Boat-In theater experience begins on September 2, 2020 and continues through the week. The movies they intend to show will be a mix of older films and new releases, with the films announced when the tickets go on sale.

Included with the tickets will be popcorn, and additional snacks and drinks will be available for purchase on-site.

Tickets are not on sale just yet, but you can register to find out when the tickets come out, Here. I highly recommend that you do, or you may miss out on the chance to attend this unique experience. Tickets will sell out fast.

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