Lost Looking For A Father’s Day Gift? We Have Some Suggestions!

It’s father’s day, and a good father is hard to come by. Some people aren’t as lucky, and some people’s fathers are actually their mothers, pulling double duty. It was my mother who taught me how to use power tools, who helped me learn how to shave. It was my mother who showed me how to love my children, and for those reasons, I will always call her on father’s day to tell her how much I love her, and how much she means to me.

So if you have a father in your life, a surrogate father in your life, or a hard-working single mother pulling double parent duty, let’s look at some father themed gifts that help break free from the stupid, and gender-specific ties.

Nomad’s Armory from Master Monk Gaming

Know an RPG gamer dad in your life? Then if I can make a suggestion that would help him organize his GMing in the future?

Master Monk Gaming’s Nomad’s Armory is an awesome addition for any gamer. The kit comes with a dice-box, a dice tower, and a dice tray. If you spring for the deluxe lid, you can fit any type of dice in it, since it has more of the woodcut out of the container.

But what is the major selling point of the Nomad? Compact travel ability. The dice tray, the dice-box, and the dice tower condenses into one sleek self-contained item. Making it easy to take it with you to your next game night, when and if you are able to go out again in the future.

Pick up your geekly father a Nomad’s Armory Here for $196.00 to $322.00 depending on the wood and options.

The Book of Unusual Knowledge from Publications International Ltd.

Fathers are expected to know a wide range of information. It’s important because it lets your children know that not only is knowledge is power, but it also makes your children believe that you know everything. It’s very important for the power dynamic when you have to convince your children to eat their vegetables.

However, not every father has a thirst for knowledge or a history degree. So how does someone show off a wide and insane varied amount of knowledge? With help of course! The Book of Unusual Knowledge is a tome of over 700 pages giving details on varied topics and constantly keeping your children guessing how you know so much about so many things.

Pick up the father in your life’s introductory knowledge guide Here for $12.98.

Mead Making Equipment from Adventures In Homebrewing

Who doesn’t know a dad that at one point attempted to make their own beer? As the techniques become unlocked to the public, more and more the secrets of what’s easy, what’s tasty, and whats repeatable come out. So why not convince your father to bring out a little Viking with the traditional art of making your own mead.

While a kit is not necessary, because Mead is one of those easy to make alcohol that is almost undestroyable, these kits do help with the process and make sure you are being safe and produce the best outcome. We actually did an article about this that can be found Here, and a deeper dive into Texas’s Dancing Bee Winery Here.

It’s honestly a great way to say, Dad, I know why you drink, I am sorry, and I hope this helps in the future.

Help your father forget all the things you did, and will do, to stress him out Here for $35.99 to $146.99, depending on the kit you want, or how much you love your dad.

Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes from Share The Love Gifts

You can always cut a father from an old man, by the joke they tell. Hell, there is a whole class of comedy called Dad Jokes. Don’t hold it against your father though if they’ve been too busy raising you, that they couldn’t practice the wonderful art of the Pun.

A pun, some wordplay, or even just a reflexive response to a whine. That’s the type of jokes that really shine out of the mouth of a father. This book specifically covers all of those, from the horrible to the horribly amazing!

If you want to help your father catch up on his Dad Joke game, then pick up this book Here for $7.49, or $2.99 on Kindle.

HERO8 Black from GoPro

Is your father an adventurous man, someone who feels more at home riding bikes, jetskiing, or snowboarding, then he does on the coach? Well to give him a chance to share those adventures back with you, from the safety of your home television, think about an action Camera.

Nowadays though in the action camera market, one name is known for high-end performance and quality, and that’s GoPro. Their Hero8 Black even features HyperSmooth 2.0 to help fight the shaking from recording, voice control so you can keep your hands on your extreme activity, and touchscreen and app control to better control your recording when not falling out of the sky.

Keep your dad sporty with the Hero8 Black Here for $399.99.

Zeus Mini from GoPro

We talked about the Hero8 Black, but sometimes accessories are what really make the day. If they have the action cam already, they might benefit more from hands-free lighting options, which can be used for more then filming, like other activities and hobbies.

The Zeus Mini is a hands-free clip light that is compact and has a lot of additional options. It’s magnetic so you don’t even have to just clip it to yourself, but includes a swivel to light up what you want to light, where you want to light it. It’s rechargeable, with a 6-hour battery, with brightness up to 200 lumens!

The really cool feature though is “Strobe Mode” which can be used for emergency signaling when the user is in trouble.

Light up your dad’s life with GoPro Zeus Mini Here for $69.99.

Kiva Card from GoPro

Charitable gift cards are a unique way to give to people who don’t have a need or are more interested in the good they create in the world.

Kiva Cards, are like a gift card for charitable investments. The users of the cards can use the cards to choose entrepreneurs to receive help on their micro-investments. The money gets paid back, but you can pay it forward to the next person in need. There is no shortfall of people in need right now with the pandemic affecting the world.

Make a loan in your dad’s name with Kiva Here for $25.00 to $2,000.00 depending on your choice.

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