Evercade Releases Home Console With New Features!

We’ve talked about Evercade a lot, (you can see our first article on it Here), and we even talked just a couple days ago about their 20th cartidge Mega Cat Studios Collection 2. So when I say that they are dedicated to partnering and releasing more and more content, you know I mean it!

Their new Evercade VS console though is a big step in a new direction when compaired to the Evercade handheld device.

  • Up to 4 controller ports.
  • Able to use existing Evercade cartridges.
  • Two cartridge slots.
  • Updated game selection screen.
  • Ability to use existing Evercade handheld device as a controller.
  • Built in Wifi.
  • So if your most frustrated issue was that you couldn’t multiplay on one Evercade device, now you have a solution with their stand-alone home console for multiplay.

    With a sale price of $99.99 it’s also highly affordable. The device is releasing this year in November, but pre-orders will open on May 28, 2021. So if you want to make sure you’ll get yours I highly recommend pre-ordering.

    Sign up Here on the site to be alerted when pre-orders open!

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