EVERCADE Unvails Jaleco and Piko 2 Collection Cartridge!

We’ve covered the Evercade handheld console quite a bit, (you can see our first article on it Here), and while the console is out and available for purchase, they are still living up to their promise to release more and more cartidges for their owners.

So Evercade is releasing two more cartridges with a combined total of 23 more games coming to the handheld device! This increases the available games for purchase on this system to 183!

Jaleco’s Cartridge Includes These Games:
Bases Loaded, Astynax, Brawl Brothers, City Connection, Earth Defense Force, Super Goal! 2, Totally Rad, Rival Turf, Operation Logic Bomb, and Ignition Factor.

Piko’s Second Cartridge Includes These Games:
Power Football, Hoops Shut Up and Jam, Hoops Shut Up and Jam 2, Summer Challenge, Winter Challenge, Brutal Sports Football, Eliminator Boat Duel, Full Throttle All American Racing, Top Racer 2, Soccer Kid, Football Madness, World Trophy Soccer, and Racing Fever.

If you want more information on this product, you can head over to Evercade’s Website and enter your email address, to be alerted when more news drops about this handheld console.

This cartridge is coming out for Q1 of next year!

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