Looking For Something To Spread Holiday Spirit In A Pandemic?

Starting on November 12, 2020, Christmas is coming to Los Angeles a little early!

For eight weeks, attendees can be shrunk down to the size of the much loved Elf on a Shelf for a unique hourlong experience for the whole family.

Before we go into the details, we want to remind people that we are still within the thralls of a pandemic, and recommend people check out our article on ”If You Should Go Out” Here. In keeping with our promise within that article though, we want to cover what steps are being taken by the organization to keep the attendees safe. The event is distanced, as long as the people inside the vehicle are your family. Performers will only approach vehicles that have the windows up, or that the participants have their masks on. Attendees will also only be allowed to leave their vehicles at the beginning or end of the experience, to use the restroom, and only if wearing a mask.

This is a drive-thru experience, much like all the Halloween themed events that came to prevent the cancelation of holidays.

Get ready for an all-new, one-of-a-kind immersive experience with The Elf on the Shelf’s Magical Holiday Journey, all from the safety of your own car! Travel through Santa’s toy-repair workshops, lovely gingerbread villages, and save Christmas with the help of the Elf on the Shelf in their magical holiday journey!

Tickets for this event are starting at $24.95 for adults, and $19.95 for children under 13. As the event gets closer to the big day, the prices will go up, and the quantities will sell out. You can even get light up necklaces, and VIP add ons for your car.

Tickets have to be purchased with each order per car, and every person over 2 years old must have a ticket, with a minimum of two people required per car. Sorry single lonely people.

Get your tickets for this event Here!

Fairplex Grounds
1101 W. McKinley Ave, Pomona, CA 91768

Additionally, the event is teaming up with the Toys for Tots charity drive, and attendees are allowed to deliver toys to the event, but are not required to do so.

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