A New Tool To Make Teaching Easier From HoverCam

One of the major disadvantages of online learning, is a disconnect from your audience. When hosting zooms, if you want to share your screen for your work, or prepare live notes, you have to choose between that or your face.

Now HoverCam has a brand new technology for the field of education to work on just that.

eGlass is a transparent screen available in 35-inch and 50-inch which allows teachers to draw directly on it’s screen, while a camera offset behind the screen records, flips and shares the content into your streaming platform of choice. The device also allows people to input images from your computer onto the screen to draw on top of.

The device has additional buttons on it, so you can adjust contrasts allowing you to darken or remove your background, darken or remove yourself, or remove your writing on the board!

The pricing on these items are a little steep, starting in the lower $2000s, but they specifically say they will have education package prices to help those in the field.

If you are wondering who HoverCam is, they have developed and produced hardware for educational instruction for a while. They’ve created teaching stations, digital podiums, and camera based projection like systems.

Find out more about HoverCam at their website Here!

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