Rochelle Stopped By Ecoluxe Endless Summer Festival

It’s that time of year when Debbie Durkin presents her Ecoluxe Endless Summer Festival and Lounge to honor TV’s best! This time the special event included a fundraiser benefiting spcaLA.

Making its return to the comfortable Beverly Hilton’s Wilshire Gardens, the September 9th event featured the familiar lunch and setup we have grown accustomed to.

Some familiar brands graced us with their presence again, like Royal Keepers, who gifted us a couple of items from their all-natural, healing hair & skin product line. I’m a huge fan of their body butter, shampoo, conditioner, and oils.

Although I did not partake in any alcohol this time around (since I am pregnant at the moment), I appreciated the packaging of NEFT VODKA premium spirits, who offered tastings, lifestyle gear, and products for attendees to take home. Likewise, Dolce Vida Organic Tequila shared their four signature flavors: tequila blanco, pineapple jalapeno, lime, and grapefruit. I took home a tiny bottle to enjoy post-partum!

BSW Nation Village educated us on their collection of cannabis and a brief history on its underground nature. They also hosted an interactive metaverse gallery which involved participants to try on their VR goggles to explore the scene.

Ranked the #2 Best burger in LA and the #1 Turkey burger in LA was Fresh and Meaty Burgers. While they didn’t have burgers to sample, they did provide gift cards for their Los Angeles and Carson locations as well as a delicious mini pie for us to enjoy at home! And I will say it was divine!!

Another sweet treat we took home with us came from Liana Treat & Berry. They sent guests home with an a half dozen of their decadent hand-dipped Ruby chocolate strawberries topped with their signature drizzle and gold leaf garnish.

For the high-end ladies in attendance, Luxmary Handbags held a special giveaway featuring vintage Louis Vuitton handbags worth $1K. All guests received an invitation to their Sip N Shop event the following day at their retail store in Burbank. Likewise, Nikki Lund Clothing, an on-site Sponsor, gifted select fashion blazers to attendees. I looked so dapper in mine!

The spcaLA booth educated attendees on the importance of shelter animals and there were opportunities to donate to the cause and also to go home with a little gift and also take a photo with one of their dogs. I personal love this organization, especially having adopted a dog from one of their shelters in the past.

Rounding out the products for our furry friends was Healthy Paws Herbal Labs, a wellness brand that provides dogs and cats with more natural and organic options. Their products range in treating your dog or cat pal for symptoms like pain, upset stomach, allergies, etc. Attendees were able to take home a couple samples as well as given info on how to get a coupon to purchase the bigger bottles.

While the city was still recovering from the heat wave and humidity, it was a lovely day out at the Hilton and partaking in the delicious lunch that included salads, burgers, hot dogs, breads, and their array of fresh cakes and donuts. I’m such a fan of their donut wall because let’s face it I “donut” want these events to end.

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