E3 – Day 2, Sunday June 10th – Bethesda Conference


Bethesda started out with a lovely family mission statement, which got into everyday life for a Bethesda employee, and how each individual (not just developers) is important and necessary for games to make it to release day. It was an hour and half, but had plenty of information between the trailers.

We started with..

Rage 2

Andrew W.K. performed a quick live song about Rage, and it was epic.
Avalanche studios and ID Software partnered together to put together the open world FPS Rage 2. You play as Walker, the last ranger of the wasteland in a dystopian future world setting, where 80% of the human race is dead after an asteroid hits the planet.

Eden SpacePort mission, where Walker looks for a special item to help him take down The Authority. Also in the gameplay demo, we see one of the characters look at a TV that starts to play an ad for a Rocket the Crusher Talking Head. I’m glad to see that they haven’t sacrificed the humor in the Rage game! Lots of action and abilities, makes for what looks like a really fun sequel. Coming Spring 2019.

Elder Scrolls Legends has some new cards, new modes, and new ways to play. Soon relaunching with overhauled visuals, and will be available on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

Download for free on PC, mobile, or tablet. Any progress in the game will be carried over to the console versions through your Bethesda account.

ESO: Summerset released last week. Mention next DLC is called Wolf Hunter, based on werewolves. Later this year, story DLC named Murkmire, which is in Black Marsh.

DOOM: Eternal trailer

This is the sequel to the 2016 reboot of the 90’s franchise. More demons, more power, and some additional features that will debut at Quake Con in August.

Quake Champions multiplayer shooter added a bunch of new features that make it easier to jump in and play together.

Still in early access, but for this week only, Quake Champions is open to the public for a free trial. If you get in a download this week, you can continue playing after the trial closes. Quake.com to download.

Prey has a free update launching tonight!

Three new modes: Story Mode, New Game+ , and Challenge Mode. New DLC, called Moon Crash. It’s super dynamic, as each time you play, everything is different. This really ups the replayability factor! Available now.
Later this summer, there will be another DLC pack called Typhon Hunter, where one player goes head to head against 5 other players (who play mimics) in a game of hide and seek. And just like in Prey, the mimics can disguise themselves as everyday items! You can experience this in VR, as well!

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus coming to Switch on June 29th!

Next project is set in Paris in the 80s, and features BJ’s twin daughters. Wolfenstein Youngblood is the new iteration in the series, and will be a co-op experience. But don’t worry, you can still play solo if you’re antisocial like I am.
Wolfenstein Cyber Pilot will be a playable VR experience where you play a hacker who can turn the Nazi war machines against the Nazis.

Todd Howard came on stage to give information about Fallout 76 and instead gave us a pretty awesome Skyrim troll video featuring Keegan Key and his wife playing Skyrim on the Amazon Echo. Well played, Mr Howard. Well played.

Fallout 76 trailer was the same for Bethesda as it was for Microsoft, so I’ll save the space here to avoid the repetition. There was a cool gameplay trailer added, though, which showcased the new engine that allows for 16x the detail. The quest the Overseer sends you on takes you through six different regions of West Virginia, and they’ve even included local folklore to help sell the realism.
Like this guy: The Beast of Grafton

Yes you can play solo. No, you’re not tied to one server. You’ll be in a world of dozens, not hundreds or thousands. You don’t lose progression, even when you go from solo to team play.
He then launched Vault Tech videos to help us learn what to do when we all emerge from the vault together, like building stuff wherever you want and moving it wherever you want.

Multiple missile sites on the map that you can do what you want with them, like blow up your neighbors or the local wildlife and collecting items from the resulting fallout.
There will be a beta. To join, go to the Bethesda website and preorder the game.
The Power Armor Edition ($199) comes with:
Map of the world that glows in the dark
24 collectible figures
A canvas bag
And a wearable T-51 helmet with a working headlamp and voice modulator!
Coming out November 14 2018

Fallout Shelter coming to PS4 and Switch, still free and available now!

Elder Scrolls Blades coming for mobile, and has real-time combat with melee, spells, and abilities you can use. There will be character creation and they also made it playable in portrait mode. There are 3 play modes. Abyss, which is an endless dungeon crawl. Arena, which is PvP. Town is the main mode which has story and quests. You’re a member of the Blades, and features a town building mode. You can visit friend’s towns, as well. The plan is to bring it to every system possible. Mobile, VR, consoles, etc. All of them connect to each other. So you can play cross-platform. It will be free to download this fall. I’m wondering how much battery this thing will suck, and how much of the game will be microtransactions or pay to win.
Pre-register for early access at playblades.com

Todd Howard announced a new next gen single player game. First completely original franchise in 25 years. It’s a space adventure called Starfield. There isn’t much info on it now, but hopefully we’ll hear more about it soon. He also announced that following Starfield would be Elder Scrolls VI! FINALLY! Again, no info on the game.. But it’s good to know that it’s being worked on.

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