The PC Gaming Show had a pretty packed schedule, this year, with a ton of exciting games and the mention of Samsung’s new 27″ Curved UHD monitor, boasting 240fps and the ability to smooth out jitter. Pretty impressive! Let’s see what else they had in store!

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

After a few years, we finally have a look at what we can expect from the sequel to the real-time lair-builder, Evil Genius. We still don’t have a release date, but if you go to EvilGeniusGame.com to sign up for a chance to get into the closed beta!

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
Senior Narrative Designers, Brian Mitsoda and Cara Ellison introduce the world’s first gameplay footage for the RPG, coming Q1 2020. In Bloodlines 2, you can see the emotional resonance of the humans around you in the world, and each different type will have a different effect on you. As you start the game, you grow and learn how to thrive in your new death as a vampire.

Star Mancer
Build and grow your space colony. Full customization of rooms, decor, and furniture. Preserve life with a garden. Make friends on other planets and do missions to help them. Get beta access at PlayStarMancer.com

Chivalry 2

A collaboration between Tripwire and Torn Banner, Chivalry 2 is the sequel to the multiplayer hack and slash from 7 years ago. It’s more fluid, more accessible, and quicker pace than the previous game. Complete objectives like sieging castles and raiding villages on a much larger scale, now with more horses! Coming early 2020.

A dark and atmospheric adventure game. The trailer shows a person standing in a crowd, playing Blip Blop (available to download on iPhone and Android now), a mindless clicker game. When he looks up, we can see he’s in a bleak world. There isn’t a bunch of info about this yet, but we do know it’s releasing later this year.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

Ghost-themed multiplayer hide and seek game looks hilarious and awesome. Play as a ghost or a ghost hunter in this epic 4v4 battle of strategy. As a ghost, you take possession of objects around this haunted house and try to stay hidden from the ghost hunters until the timer runs out. You also have the ability to attack the ghost hunters, if they find you first. If even one ghost survives until the end of the 4 minute timer, all ghosts return as vengeful spirits. They’re more powerful than before, and go after the ghost hunters. The ghost hunters now have to survive for 4 minutes, which is long enough for the evac to arrive. Sign up for the alpha at MidnightGhostHunt.com

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy
This roguelite action-RPG taskes you around a massive world with really interesting landmarks and events, as you try to destroy the Staff of Yendor. This highly anticipated sequel to the indie game Unexplored will be coming 2020. Open access now on fig.

Funcom’s games coming this year:
Mutant Year Zero: Seed of Evil (July 30th)
Conan Unconquered (May 29th)
Moons of Madness (Halloween)

Conan Chop Chop

It’s real, you guys! The chibi Conan adventure that looks like Cyanide and Happiness meets Zelda is actually real and not an April Fools joke! It’ll be on consoles and PC September 3rd.

Last Oasis
A nomadic survival game set at a time when the earth has stopped rotating. Outrun the sun in a huge open world. On July 15th, you can get early access to this game on Steam. Regular access is september 3rd

Age of Wonders: Planetfall
A new strategy RPG, featuring dinosaurs with lasers, cyborg zombies, and giant vanguard mechs. Play as one of the survivors of the Galactic Empire. Make your own faction, and create your own empire, to try and take over the world. Coming August 6th

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

What’s better than fighting zombies? Fighting Nazi zombies! We’ve got the general horde, and we have what looks like elite soldiers. Some zombies have enough wherewithall to wield flamethrowers, which is awesome and terrifying at the same time. Watch the gameplay trailer on June 11th, at ZombieArmy.com

Remnant: From the Ashes
A 3rd person co-op action shooter featuring Lovecraftian monsters on a post-apocalyptic Earth and some cool fantasy worlds. There’s a dynamic generation system, which means that each playthrough will be different. It’s releasing August 20th, but if you preorder the game, you can get early access.

Another roguelite game coming to PC this year is Griftlands. In a world where anything is negotiable, you have the ability to either negotiate, fight, steal, or otherwise persuade others to get to your goal. Your choices matter, in this deck-building RPG. Take jobs, make friends, make enemies, collect cards, and build strategies to hopefully not die this time!
Play the alpha on July 11th

Planet Zoo
Build, maintain, and run your dream zoo where each animal has it’s own needs and desires, and interacts with the environment differently. This is referred to as a “modern zoo” where you learn about conservation, where the animals live, and how to care for them.
Releasing November 5th, but there will be a beta this summer. Sign up at PlanetZooGame.com

Shenmue 3

Releasing November 19th on PS4 and PC

Songs of Conquest
Based on Heroes of Might and Magic, pixelated 2D adventure strategy RPG. Recruit an army and send them on an adventure. They pick up resources and you upgrade your town with these resources. Turn based combat, and you use essence to strategize your battle moves. It’s releasing hopefully in late 2020, but you can sign up for the closed beta at SongsofConquest.com

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

The update to the co-op game showcases a new threat: You. Enjoy the new PvP mode, where you can finally battle as the vermin instead of just against them.
Sign up for the beta at Vermintide.com/versus

Per Aspera
Play as an AI orbiting Mars, with the purpose of terraforming . Land on the planet and help turn it into a viable home for humanity.
Coming 2020

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey
The story of human evolution, as told by playing several different characters throughout the beginning of human history. You start out as the common ancestor between humans and great apes, growing your clan and exploring your environment, then you move on, evolving to different species, eventually getting to Lucy. the general goal of this game is to see if you have the ability to survive life in that time, like our ancestors did. Get ready to play, on August 27th. Learn more at AncestorsGame.com

Auto Chess
The beautiful and cinematic strategy game is finally coming from China to the Us, on PC and mobile later this year.

A JRPG style game allows you to see the past, present, and future of the game on the screen simultaneously. For the first time, a game will allow you to see the results of your choices immediately after making them. Is this good or bad? Find out next year when it releases, and be sure to play the debut demo now on steam!


2D, heavy metal action platformer inspired by oldschool platformers like Contra and Metroid.
No real release date for it yet, but it looks bloody and epic.

Borderlands 3

Highlighting the vault hunter, Moze. She’s a mech pilot, and has multiple action skills. She can equip a minigun on her shoulder, or a railgun, or a flamethrower, etc.
Loot: grenades are having combos of abilities. Like one that would bounce, then stick, then fire guns while exploding. Class mods will also not only give you skills, but also enhance the skills you already have. New to the game are artifacts. Artifacts add certain things to movements, like the ability to slide faster, or have an explosion each time you slide, etc.
Endgame content: The Guardian System, similar to Badass Ranks, but with the addition of skills and skins you can open up as you go through. Every character you play as on your account gets the benefits of the Guardian Ranks.

Bossfights in comparison to BL2: In BL3, we’re going to several vaults instead of just the one vault at the end of the game. Each vault will have a huge, multi-phased boss in it, and thoughout the game you’ll also see a bunch of mini bosses
Jump in-jump out multiplayer, Level 50 cap at launch, Tiny Tina will be seen fighting alongside the vault hunters, continuing to see golden keys and shift codes for BL3, Duels make a comback, and you’ll be able to transfer weapons to other characters right from the start of the game.
Get ready to play on September 13th, 2019


Open-world action RPG where you play as a shark. We talked about this a bit, last year, and I was over the top excited for the game. Having heard little to nothing since then, this news makes me quake with anticipation. You start as a pup trying to survive in the world, eating your way to the top of the ecosystem. Still no release date, but holy crap is the additional footage awesome. We got to meet Scaley Pete, who’s the villain in the game. He’s supposedly the best shark fisherman in the area, and starts the game by disfiguring the baby shark. What a monster.

“It’s like GTA if you were a shark.”
There’s 3 facets to the games elements of progression: Growth, Life Phases, and Evolutions.
Growth = eating things. it;;s like your xp in the game. You grow, level up, and get more powerful.
Life Phases = make a big jump. Go from baby to teen, or teen to adult. You get a big leap in size and power and capability. You unlock evolutions as you go through these life phases, like metal teeth, or a powerful tail so you can jump, or mutated lungs so you can spend more time on the beach, eating people.
They’re not ready to annouce a date, but they’re hoping to have it ready to play before next E3.

Telling Lies
The spiritual successor to Her Story. Her Story is a game where you watch a live, interactive video to uncover a murder. The premise of Telling Lies is similar to Her Story, but this time you’re watching footage to determine what happened. This time, though, you’re watching a woman who stole a harddrive. Something terrible happens, and you need to discover the truth by watching footage filmed by several people and pick out the solution by listening to subtext, facial ques, listening to names of people and places. Using those things, you can unlock mor eclips. There’s over 10 hours of just footage. The story encomases 2 years.
No release date yet, but supposedly will release later this year.

Warframe: Empyrion

Bringing the space warfare back to Warframe. Each player gets their own railjack. More info will come later on, and you can watch the full reveal on July 6th, on TennoLive on Twitch at 6pm ET.
If you watch on Twitch, you’ll get Nekros Prime on free. Just be sure to link your Warframe account to you Twitch account to get credit for watching.

Genesis Noir

Set during the Big Bang, this stylish and artistic noir game where you need to stop the universe from expanding in order to save your love. The general concept is hard to wrap your brain around, as the characters are pre-creation cosmic beings in a love triangle gone wrong. It sounds really intersting, and definitely confusing. I’m down!

El Hijo

A twist on the classic stealth games, you play as a 6yo trying to sneak out of a monastery and try to find your mom, by using an array of toys and tricks to avoid monks. Inspired by spaghetti westerns, you can expect desert landscapes, outlaws, and shady saloons. El Hijo and his mom were attacked on their farm, and the mother was forced to make the hard decision to leave her son with monks at a monastery for safekeeping. This life doesn’t agree with El Hijo, and he decides to escape and find his mother.
No release date yet.

Baldur’s Gate 3
Very recently announced, and the first Baldur’s Gate game in 20 yrs. Enjoy a blast from the past, as this D&D action RPG returns from the dead. The city you start in is overrun with Mind flayers. They aren’t called Mind Flayers for nothing, either. If you aren’t aware of the classic D&D monster, also known as Ilithids, these ultra clever creatures have a tendency to flay one’s mind and then consume it. When they’re not eating brains, they’re procreating. How do they do that, you ask? Brain worms, of course! Well, an Ilithid tadpole. Burrows right into your brain and causes all kinds of damage for days until you’re one of them. In the trailer, though… this happens much faster. It’s hard to say if this was a decision for cinematic or story-telling purposes or if something awful is going on to speed up the process that we need to heroically stop.
There’s not a lot of information about this game, yet. Everything we have is from the original trailer and the brief discussion at E3, but we know there will be iconic creatures and locations, and we know there will be based on the 5th edition Player’s Handbook., and we know that the developers are doing their damndest to allow you to do whatever crazy nonsense you want to do, just like in a real tabletop campaign.
Release date is TBD, but you should sign up for the newsletter at baldursgate3.game to keep yourself up to date.

Additionally, there’s a tabletop prequel for Baldur’s Gate coming soon. It’s been about 100 years since BG2, so you can check in on the city, see who’s around and what’s going on. Also feature a complete level 1-13 campaign that takes you from Baldur’s Gate to the depths of Hell. You get to decide if you want to redeem Baldur’s Gate or send it to damnation.

What an ending! A tiny taste of info leaving me hungry for more! Hopefully we’ll get lots of more info on all these games soon. I’m especially hyped for Maneater and Baldur’s Gate. What about you? Let me know in the comments!

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