Microsoft “jumps in” with 60 new titles, 14 of which are Xbox Game Studios games! A lot of them will be available on launch day on Xbox Game Pass, as well, which means more time gaming and less time wandering around GameStop, hoping the new releases are still there.

Just like last year, there were so many game trailers that Microsoft decided to skip out on much info aside from what was visibly in the trailer. I’ll be listing out which trailers were shown and if there’s any additional info, I’ll include it below.

There’s a ton of stuff to cover, so let’s dive right in.

The Outer Worlds trailer

Look and feel kinda like Fallout. Releasing October 25th 2019

Bleeding Edge world premier

Rahni Tucker (Creative Director) and Dom Matthews (Commercial Director) from Ninja Theory talk about third person action combat and competitive team multiplayer in the game. Technical alpha starts in a couple weeks (June 27th).
4v4 online melee. Play with XBox game pass at launch. Makers of Heavenly Sword, DMC, and Enslaved.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Play with Xbox game pass at launch
Feb 11 2020

Minecraft Dungeons

A new game from the creators of Minecraft featuring 4 player local and online co-op
Play with Xbox game pass at launch
Coming Spring 2020

Star Wars trailer, where we see more of the cutest droid ever, BD-1. Release date is Nov 15, 19

World premiere of Blair Witch the game

Play on Xbox Game pass at launch
Scary forest, a boy is lost. You follow your dog to a scary tree and there’s scary jump cuts. Maybe ghosts. Definitely lots of creep factor.

CD Project Red’s trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 featured a Keanu Reeves big reveal at the end, and the man himself came out on stage to talk about the game. Vast open world with a branching storyline, character customization through in-game choices. “I’m always drawn to fascinating stories”

Keanu goes on, “Set in a metropolis of the future, where body modification has become an obsession. Play as an outlaw. An enhanced mercenary working in the sleazy underbelly of the city.” Release date announced: April 16, 2020.

World premiere of Spiritfarer

Play with Xbox game pass at launch
Looks like a 2-d cell animation anime-style sidescroller version of Animal Crossing. “Build explore, and learn how to say goodbye.” Building houses, buying materials, exploring the landscape, and at the part where it shows you how to say goodbye, the deer character you play with floats into the air and glows, maybe disappearing? Did you kill them? Did you help them move on? Maybe we can find out down the line, when the game releases. For now, there’s no release date.

Oooohhhhh shit. Battle Toads is back.

Play with Xbox game pass at launch
3-player couch coop, intense beat-em-up action, platformer has epic bosses and adventures for your amphibious needs. The game boasts Epic racing, combos, morphing?, Challenges, combat, puzzles, special moves, lists?, and space battles!
No release date yet

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright

Gives the “storybook adventure” a new meaning. Actual physical pages that look like they were drawin with pencil. An actual pencil comes up and fills in areas to unveil things like chests. Epic monster battles, grand adventures, and puzzle solving. Coming next year to the Xbox store.

The quick video with small bites of games showcased several games coming to the Xbox game pass:
Dead Static Drive
Pathologic 2
Star Renegades
TABS: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
The Good Life
Creature in the Well
Killer Queen Black
Unto the End
Blazing Chrome
Felix the Reaper: A Romantic Comedy Game About the Life of Death
Supermarket Shriek
Secret Neighbor
Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game
Night Call
Totem Teller

World Premiere of Microsoft Flight simulator
Play with Xbox Game Pass at launch

Age of empires 2: Definitive Edition
Play with game pass at launch
Now in 4k with fully remastered audio and a new campaign: The Last Khans. Coming this fall

Wasteland 3
Play on Xbox Game Pass at launch

Head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty came on stage to talk about adding Double Fine Productions to the Xbox Studio family. Founder and president of Double Fine Productions, Tim Schafer announced a new trailer for Psychonauts 2, which you can play on Game Pass at launch.

World premiere of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which features all 9 films and will release sometime next year.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
Releasing early 2020.

World Premiere of 12 Minutes. A dramatic interactive thriller of what looks like someone reliving the 12 minutes where he and his wife are attacked. Coming soon.

Way to the Woods trailer

You play as a couple deer who are frankly in places they definitely should not be. You try to get home by navigating through urban areas using your magical electric antlers.
Play on Xbox Game Pass at launch. Coming 2020 “for real this time”

Gears 5: Bound by Blood

Play on Xbox Game Pass at launch

Studio Head of The Coalition Rod Ferguson comes on stage to talk about Gears 5. Release date Sept 10th. Play 4 days early with Game Pass Ultimate or Gears 5 Ultimate Edition. New info coming later in the year: In July, Versus Multiplayer Tech Test. Be the first to play in the new competitive game type: Arcade. August 19th, new Horde Mode. New character abilities that could turn the tide on the battlefield.

Gears 5 has a brand new way to fight the Swarm. In Escape, you play as one of three hive busters. You infiltrate the hive and plant the bomb in this 3-player couch coop. It’s all about getting tf out of there before your bioweapon takes you out with it. You can also build hives and challenge your friends to your creations.

For the next 2 days, you can play in select Microsoft stores.
Anyone who pre-orders or plays in the first week gets the Terminator Dark Fate Character Pack.

Microsoft re-engineered the elite controller with the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. New adjustable tension thumbsticks, Higher precision control, New trigger grip and redesigned bumpers, Shorter hair trigger locks to make firing faster than ever, New wrap around rubber grip, and more ways to customize. You have new thumbstick and paddle options, three custom profiles (so you can set 1 to Apex Legends, 2 to Forza Horizon 4, and 3 to Gears 5. New bluetooth connectivity allows for better connection to both Xbox consoles and PCs. Designed for extended gameplay, the new rechargeable battery can last a lot longer, and the new detachable charging dock allows for longer gaming sessions on the go with up to 40 hours of charge. With over 30 ways to play, this custom controller will have you gaming like a pro in no time. Available for preorder now.

Dying Light 2 trailer. Play as the infected Aiden Caldwell and watch the city come to life or rot away more with the choices you make in game. Be careful which faction you choose. Weigh those pros and cons carefully. Coming Spring 2020.

World premiere of Forza Horizon 4 trailer showed off the new Lego Speed Champions Expansion, including maps, cars, and player characters.

Coming June 13th.

Gears Pop game feels like what the Lego games used to be, bringing back the comedy of miming in the cut scenes. Looks like a fun strategy mobile game.

State of Decay 2: Heartland trailer

Play on Xbox Game Pass today!
A brand new story experience in the biggest expansion yet.
Two different story paths lead two different people in the same direction: Trouble Valley. One is looking for the father she never knew, and the other is looking for a hero he’s never met.

World premiere of Japan’s biggest RPG, Phantasy Star Online 2, will finally be making it to the West! You’ll get the full game for free in the Xbox Store in Spring 2020.

Phil Spencer announces a partnership with Smilegate. Next year, we get to see Crossfire X, first to console in 2020!

World premiere of Tales of Arise trailer. Coming in 2020.

Borderlands 3 trailer

Releasing September 13th this year.
Is that Siren part Bullymong?!
Also be sure to check out the FREE DLC for Borderlands 2, Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary, which sets the stage for Borderlands 3.

World premiere of Elden Ring

A new world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin….

Things Phil Spencer talks about:
Project xCloud and the new console, Project Scarlett.

Project Scarlett has a custom designed processor that leverages AMD’s Navi and Zen2 technology. It has 4x more powerful processing than Xbox One X, 8k capability, variable refresh rate, 120fps, hardware accelerated ray tracing, and a new gen of SSD that performs as virtual RAM. The goal is to have a console that’s so powerful that developers and game creators can create the game that they want to create, without having to worry about dumbing it down to compensate for load times or processing power.

Project Scarlett releases Holiday 2020, and will launch with Halo Infinite. Find out more on Halo Infinite on Monday at 3pm PDT on Mixer.com/Xbox

Head of Xbox Partnerships, Sarah Bond, came on stage to talk about Xbox Game Pass. Since launch, they’ve tripled the games in Game Pass and add more every month. Every Xbox Studios game will be in Game Pass on Day 1. Announced new games on Xbox Game Pass starting today: Batman Arkham Knight, Metro Exodus, Hollow Knight, and Borderlands Handsome Collection. Xbox Game Pass for PC launches in open beta today. The entire Master Chief Collection will finally be available on PC via Game Pass! Try it out by downloading the Xbox app on Windows. And if you want to play on Game Pass with both console and PC, you can grab Game Pass Ultimate, which gives you Game Pass for console, Xbox Live Gold, and Game Pass for PC, at $15/mo. During E3, you can join today for $1.

WOW, Microsoft has a lot going on! The “more info” that we were promised from EA on The Fallen Order wasn’t very much info at all, but I’m always happy to get more footage of BD-1! I’m still very much wary of the online and streaming of the games for the new gen Xbox, but all those hardware features sure sound badass!

Let us know what you think of the Microsoft conference, in the comments!

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