DesignerCon Is This Weekend!

One of my favorite conventions is coming up this weekend! Thats right… DesignerCon in Anaheim, CA! It was founded by Ben Goretsky who became inspired in 2001 after attending San Diego Comic Con and getting hooked on vinyl toys. In 2003 Goretsky opened up his own online store called 3DRetro. In 2005 he started a small show called Vinyl Toy Network (VTN), then when that got bigger and more diverse, it is what we know now as DesignerCon!

What I love about this show is there is so much diversity in what you can see, there is literally something there for any kind of person. It’s also a small booth situation for most of the booths so the artists are right there to talk to, get to know, and to ask questions about their craft. DesignerCon describes themselves as “an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer goods with urban, underground and pop art!” and I think that’s the best description anyone can come up with. There are over 500 vendors in over 350,000 square feet with live demonstrations and so much more!

We have a few interviews lined up with amazing artists that we will share with you soon but in the meantime, let’s get into some of my personal favorite artists, booths, and exclusives you can expect at DesignerCon this year.

First off, I want to let you know that even though the con is November 16th through the 18th, only VIP ticket holders can get in on Friday. They have the whole event to themselves. They also get special panel seating, lounge access, and access to VIP-only installations. Additionally there will be an after party Saturday night after the convention closes from 7P to 11:30P. You have to get an additional ticket for this event where there will be a live art battle with Secret Walls, music by Chevy Metal, and more. You can find more about the after party HERE. BUT… anyone who has purchased a DCon ticket can show your event badge and save at restaurants, attractions, museums, events and more! Check the link HERE for more info.



Now let’s get into some of my favorite booths that I will be visiting. I will supply links to their specific homepages to give them and their art the justice they deserve. If you wish to check out the whole map of the floor and the vendors attending so far, you can click HERE. As always there will be some amazing booths I haven’t experienced before so be sure to follow our Instagram to find out who and where they are.

Camilla d’Errico 
Booth 2334

Greg “CRAOLA” Simkin 
Booth 2423

Booth 1825

Rhode Montijo 
Booth 953

Paul Kaiju 
Booth 1253

Circus Posterus 
Booth 1112

The Artwork of Valency Genis 
Booth 218

KaNO kid Studio
Booth 207

Gary Baseman 
Booth 2310

Draplin Design Co. 
Booth 2018

Amanda Louise Spayd / Chris Ryniak 
Booth 1305

Scott Tolleson
Booth 2005



There are so many amazing things you will see at this convention but there are a few stand out exclusives that I want to list below. For the full list click HERE.

Nicholas Danger 
Booth 3612
Cry Camp merit badges.

Tara McPherson 
Booth 1600
Artist’s proof edition of 20 posters signed and numbered.

Booth 541
Kalaka Toys exclusives of Bart, Bansky, and TMNT mashups.

Doctor Frankendesign 
Booth 2341
Special edition rust bunny featuring detachable mini-nuke and glow-in-the-dark plastic!

Booth 2541
Luke Chuehs Possessed custom.

Booth 2010
DesignerCon Dunny mini art figure.

Enamel Market 
Booth 3028
El Kapintan Boba Fett pin.

Scott Tolleson 
Booth 2005
Every 5” Panic Shard has a marbling of opaque and trans resin making each one unique! Panic is limited to 80 pieces.

So I hope that got you excited because I sure am! I really cannot wait to reconnect with some of the artists we have interviewed in the past, see new artists we will be interviewing, and just be immersed in new amazing visuals and toys! Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook for live photos and stories from the event as its going on.

If you will be at the convention, be sure to get your ticket HERE. Additionally if you will be attending make sure to:

  1. Bring Supplies: Sketchbooks, pens, business cards, a light jacket for inside the convention or for afterwards because it can get cold, and a small bag because you will be purchasing things.
  2. Tickets: Be sure to print out your ticket, it makes the line go way faster for everyone.
  3. Panel Prep: Hall D on the stage area is where you will find various performances and panels and you can check the schedule beforehand but it’s best to follow DCon’s Twitter for the latest info.

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