The Dark Zone Is Bringing Fans Inside The Queen Mary

From October 29th through November 1st, for 24 hours each day, The Dark Zone will be streaming for their fans live from the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.

This isn’t the first time they’ve done something like this, as earlier in the year they live streamed from the house that was the basis for “The Conjuring”, (You can see that article Here), and from the house of Lizzie Borden, (You can see that article Here).

When we said earlier this year, that the Conjuring and Lizzie Borden house events might be the only possibility for a haunted house to enjoy during the pandemic, and the year, we didn’t know that the good people at the The Dark Zone had to once again prove us wrong! But we still aren’t mad at them.

The Queen Mary, sitting in its port for all these years have inspired tales, and ghost stories for years. People have flocked to the location for years, and the boat has obliged with numerous ghost hunts and explorations. As the years pass, the stories compound, and more people are inspired by the unknown. In recent years the event has even hosted yearly horror mazes throughout the ship called “Dark Harbor.”

This year however those were canceled due to the pandemic. Now, though, you’ll experience neve before seen unrestricted access to the Queen Mary.

This 4-day-long event will include:

  • Virtual access throughout the whole ship.
  • 24 hour surveillance in the most haunted locations on board.
  • Interactions with Aiden Sinclair, Becca Knight, and Susan Slaughter.
  • Musical performances from Silversun Pickups, Filter, Beasto Blanco, Deadsara, Metalachi, and Sound Barrier.
  • Virtual costume contest.
  • Tickets are on sale for $19.99, and can be a acquired Here.

    If you want to watch an amazingly interesting experience, then you can do so easily and exclusively on The Dark Zone!

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