Dive Into Comics To Avoid Family This Thanksgiving!

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving, and we want to give our thanks for comic books! So with that in mind, we wanted to talk about our favorite times that Thanksgiving made an appearance on the inked pages. See how your favorite heroes dealt with their family and friends for the holiday!

The Vision and the Scarlet Witch #6 (1986)
Wanda and Vision decide to throw a Thanksgiving dinner with their friends, like Namor and Dr. Strange, and family, like Pietro. However when Magneto and some of his Brotherhood of Mutants crash the meal, it makes things Awkward. We all have those family members that we regret having to break bread with, but at least your uncle isn’t an actual villain.
Deadpool #37 (2012)
In celebration of Thanksgiving, Deadpool decides to stop murdering people and fully engage with the holiday. However when he finds himself between his friends the FauX-Men and the X-Men, it will put his planned non-violence into question. We all make promises to be good with family these holidays. Sometimes the plan doesn’t survive the implementation.
Franklin Richards: Happy Franksgiving #1 (2006)
A fun collection of small short stories featuring Franklin Richards, including the story “Turkey Trouble!” where Franklin uses a transdimentional doorway to enter into a world filled with humanoid turkeys. In this world the Turkeys plan to cook and eat Franklin. A lot darker of a kids story, but still a lot of fun featuring the likeable Franklin Richard!
JSA #54 (2004)
It’s Thanksgiving, and the JSA and the JLA are getting together to celebrate the holiday. However when a group of villains appear to take advantage of the group, they didn’t anticipate their being this many heroes in one place. While the food is ruined, the groups support one another and it’s a great story about how we are stronger when we gather together around the table.

So what are your favorite comic books that feature Thanksgiving?

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