Web Comics: Saving the Ent Industry 4 Panels at a Time

In a very un-funny time in addition to being in seclusion, we are all dealing with various emotions and experiences in our own way. Whatever way we can get us through the days, even if we don’t exactly know what day it is anymore. 

For me, routine has helped a lot in making sure I’m getting exercise, staying creative, and accomplishing tasks. At the same time, I have been trying to make myself be okay with having some days where I just can’t function. It’s okay to not be productive each day and it’s okay to be selfish and have a day for yourself to unwind. 

One constant in all of what’s been going in, is what I look forward to each night. Reading comics! Comics have a way of helping me release all the feelings and thoughts that have clustered into my head from the day, and let them go. Comics have been such a treat for me in which it allows me to follow another story in another world and ease me into a relaxed sleep and be able to start the next day with energy and focus. There are stories that help me laugh when I’m sad, and help me adventure out when I’m stuck inside. And best of all… there are comics out there for every kind of person out there!

Comic Con @ Home put a great panel together called “Web Comics: Saving the Entertainment Industry, Four Panels at a Time”. 

With film productions on hiatus, comic book distribution fragmented, and tv shows resorting to watered down “at-home” versions, COVID-19 has broken the entertainment industry. Where is a world, starved for new content, left to turn? Why, to the wonderful world of web comics, of course! Joined by moderator Will Romine (pROMINEnt Media) are Alan Truong (TheMissingDigit.com), JR Gervais (YoungCannibals.net), and Eddie DeAngelini (CollectorComics.com), who will talk about how quarantine, BLM, and the rest of 2020 have affected their work, art, and life. It’s a panel for fans, pros, and everyone in between.

This was a super fun and funny panel which got me to know some more webcomics I haven’t experienced before. They also talk about how they stay inspired and how they stay creative plus the issues they have dealt with in this new time. Experience the panel HERE. If you want to check out their comic series, click any of the images below to go to their page.

What are you doing to keep yourself motivated? Are there any comics or webcomics you are enjoying right now to recommend? Let us know in the comments.


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