Celebrate National Dive Bar Day With Your Favorite Comic Book Bars

Today is National Dive Bar Day, a day to go out and celebrate at your favorite hole-in-the-wall establishments. This is really important this year, as we should celebrate and support our favorite small bars who likely have been impacted by a hard year and change.

The holiday was created by Seagram’s Seven Crown as a way to support these establishments and it was marked by the National Day Calendar in 2018.

Dive bars aren’t for posers or people looking to just relax. Dive Bars are the place of blowing off steam, forgetting your past, and making some sloppy dating mistakes. Since our focus on Wednesdays during the Comics Round-Up to talk comics, we are going to share our favorite dive bars of the comic world!

The Hellfire Club – Marvel Comics
First Appearance – Uncanny X-Men #129 (1980)
Part high society club part nefarious den of villians, the Hellfire Club isn’t the place to get a drink after a long day, so much as it is a place to plan out evil goals and influence the world of the Marvel Comics.
While it’s inception into the comics started at odds with the X-Men over the Phoenix Saga, they are currently allied with the heros. The establishment has made appearances in the X-Men animated series, the film X-Men: First Class, and more recently as the antagonists of the television series The Gifted.
The Iceberg Lounge – DC Comics
First Appearance – Detective Comics #683 (1995)
The Penguin, Oswald Cobbelpot, has shifted in the comics from villian to business man. One such businesses is the upperclass nightclub, “The Iceberg Lounge.” Nothing is what it seems though, as the club is almost always a front, hiding behind the gilded celebrations of Gothams elite who wants to pretend that they are as hard as Cobblepot.
While this is a relatively recent bar to this list, it has made up for it with it’s numerous appearances in movies, tv series, video games, and most recently Harley Quinn’s show.
Harry’s Hideaway – Marvel Comics
First Appearance – New Mutants Vol 1 #23 (1985)
Only a short walk away from the Xavier Institute, this small bar is usually showcased as a basement bar, similar to cheers, but smaller. It’s owned by Harry Morrel who is just a regular guy, but also an old friend of Professor X. The bar has suffered on hard times in the comic books and has almost shut down more then once.
In spite of it’s hardships this bar has appeared not only in the well loved X-Men Animated Series, but also in the comic books more then 30 times!
Josie’s Bar – Marvel Comics
First Appearance – Daredevil #160 (1979)
Located in Hell’s Kitchen, this bar run by Josie is quite a rough place with one rule of taking fights outside. As a result, it hosts many illegal activities, and criminal clients. In the comics Daredevil keeps his eyes on the patrons to ferret out criminal doings.
While it’s been in over 50 comics, this most recently was the drinking hole of choice of Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson in the Netflix Marvel Daredevil show.
Princess Bar – Marvel Comics
First Appearance – Marvel Comics Presents #1 (1988)
Madripoor is a violent place filled with criminals and dark plans. So of course Wolverine would be right at home in this landscape. While here he went by the name of “Patch” and his favorite bar when ever he was in Lowtown was the Princess Bar.
While this is one of the more popular bars of the Marvel Comicverse, having appeared in over 50 comic books, it also recently made an appearance in the background of Disney+’s new series “Falcon and the Winter Soldier.”

What can I say, there are a lot of bars in Marvel comics, and they are major focuses for the characters to blow off steam. What’s your favorite comic book bar, and what’s your favorite dive bar around you? Let us know!

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