Celebrate Caleb McLaughlin’s Birthday With Stranger Things Comics!

Caleb Reginald McLaughlin was born on October 13, 2001, in Carmel, New York. He studied under Aubrey Lynch, the producer of Lion King, at the Harlem School of the Arts.

His first acting role was in an opera performance of Lost in the Stars in Cooperstown, New York. Additionally, McLaughlin’s starred in the role of Young Simba on Broadway from 2012 through 2015. However, you might know him better from his 2016 role of Lucas Sinclair in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Fun facts about Caleb McLaughlin:

  • He has guest-starred on shows like Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, What Would You Do?, and Shades of Blue.
  • He received an award of Oustanding Performance by a Youth from the NAACP Image Awards and the BET YoungStars Award for his performance in Stranger Things.
  • McLaughlin has spearheaded #EmbraceYourFace and #BeYourBiggestFan which is designed to promoting healthy body image and positivity and self-esteem.
  • Since this is the Comics Round Up, we should probably highlight comic books, and what better than books that specialize in showcasing the group and why their friendship is so engaging!

    Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons (2020)
    Set years before the events of the first season of the show, this book shows the groups first encounters with the game of Dungeons & Dragons that would help them understand, and adapt to the horrors caused by the Upside Down.
    Written by Jody Houser and Jim Zub, with art from Stefano Martino.
    Stranger Things Halloween Special (2020)
    Six days before the events of the first season, the boys have finished their trick ‘r treating and have retreated to Castle Byers. As they enjoy their candy loot, they tell horror stories about the “Child Eater” of Hawkins. If they only knew what was about to befall them.
    Written by Michael Moreci, with art from Todor Hristov.
    Stranger Things: Zombie Boys (2020)
    Set right after the events of the first season, the boys make friends with a new kid in town who wants to make movies, specifically a zombie film. However, when he sees Will’s drawings from his tramatic events in the Upside Down, he realizes that his vision of horror is barely anything when compared to the monsters the group just faught.
    Written by Greg Pak, with art from Valeria Favoccia.

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