Our Top Fairytale Comics For Everyone, Even You!

For me, experiencing fairytales for the first time was one of the best things about being a kid. Remember the first time you saw or read Snow White? Or Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? Or Peter Pan? Of course a lot of those children’s stories were adapted from a lot darker adult stories. But nonetheless, there are fairy tales out there for everyone no matter age, race, or anything else. Even for you! These stories which take our imaginations and creativities to new heights and adventures should be observed. How about by making “National Tell a Fairy Tale Day”? Well, your wish is my command! 

Today just happens to be that day! So today I will recommend a few different comic book related fairytales for different ages and interests. And what you can do, is share your favorite tales with your friends and family, and with us in the comments! If you happen to have written your own fairy tale, please share! Stories are meant to be shared. If you decide on purchasing any of these or other’s like it, try supporting your local library or bookstore. Some locations have story time for the younger audiences. 



Age Rating: M

An Adventure Time/Alice in Wonderland-style epic that smashes its cute little face against grown-up Tank Girl/ Deadpool-esque violent madness. Follow Gert, a forty-year-old woman in a sixyear- old’s body, who has been stuck in the magical world of Fairyland for nearly thirty years. Join her and her giant battleaxe on a delightfully bloodsoaked journey to see who will survive the girl who HATES FAIRYLAND.



Age Rating: 17+

Bigby Wolf used to break every law in the books. Now, as the sheriff of Fabletown-New York City’s magically concealed neighborhood of mythical, legendary and fairy tale figures-he is the law, and keeping the streets safe for Fables and Mundanes alike is his beat. So when a beautiful princess-turned-prostitute is decapitated on his watch, Bigby must unleash the wolf within to catch the killer.



Age Rating: 10+

Most children think twice before braving a haunted wood filled with terrifying beasties to match wits with a witch, but not Masha. Her beloved grandma taught her many things: that stories are useful, that magic is fickle, that nothing is too difficult or too dirty to clean. The fearsome witch of folklore needs an assistant, and Masha needs an adventure. She may be clever enough to enter Baba Yaga’s house-on-chicken-legs, but within its walls, deceit is the rule. To earn her place, Masha must pass a series of tests, outfox a territorial bear, and make dinner for her host. No easy task, with children on the menu!



Age Rating: All Ages

From favorites like “Puss in Boots” and “Goldilocks” to obscure gems like “The Boy Who Drew Cats,” Fairy Tale Comics has something to offer every reader. Seventeen fairy tales are wonderfully adapted and illustrated in comics format by seventeen different cartoonists, including Raina Telgemeier, Brett Helquist, Cherise Harper, and more.

So that’s it for my very biased top fairy tale recommendations. Let us know your thoughts and favorites in the comments, and tune in next time–same Nerd-time, same Nerd-channel!

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