What You Need To Know Before “Bloodshot” The Movie

It is possible within all the many, many, comics that I have read, that there are a few that have totally passed by my radar. With the case of Bloodshot, I have never heard of it but it’s not only getting a movie coming out this Thursday, but also said to be getting a sequel! So this post will be a short informative overview of what the comic series is generally about, and thus what the tale of the movie will generally tell.

The official synopsis says: 

Based on the bestselling comic book, Vin Diesel stars as Ray Garrison, a soldier recently killed in action and brought back to life as the superhero Bloodshot by the RST corporation. With an army of nanotechnology in his veins, he’s an unstoppable force –stronger than ever and able to heal instantly. But in controlling his body, the company has sway over his mind and memories, too. Now, Ray doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not – but he’s on a mission to find out.

From the trailers, it seems like RTS corporation has manipulated his memory of his wife’s killers and replaces the memory of the face with whoever they want Ray to kill next. They also seem to have full control of his body from the nanotechnology replacing his blood, so that they can shut him down at any time and restart him with a revised memory.

But when his memories flood back and he remembers the man that killed both him and his wife, he breaks out of the facility hellbent on revenge, only to discover that there’s more between what he originally feels and to a conspiracy.

Also from the trailer, one of the big baddies has a bit of Doc Ock arms going on which looks very awesome! The visual effects are super cool. And with the producers of Fast & Furious, we can bet the action is incredible. 

In researching this movie, I found that it was reported that Jared Leto was in early negotiations to star in the film. I for one, am glad it’s Vin Diesel, I can’t really imagine Leto.

I also find the director choice very interesting, it’s Dave Wilson. He has only one other full length directing credit, an episode of Love, Death, & Robots. Most of his other credits are for visual effects for huge titles like Avengers: Age of Ultron, a few Star Wars movies, and more. He also has a bunch of cinematic trailer director credits for more related huge movies we’ve all seen. But this is a full length movie. Very excited to see how he will do. 

More interesting news, this is the first of 5 Valiant Comics cinematic universe movies. Bloodshot was originally planned to be followed by four movies: a sequel, two films based on the comic book series Harbinger, and a culmination in a crossover titled Harbinger Wars. Initially scheduled to be the first installment in the franchise, development of Harbinger was delayed in favor of releasing Bloodshot first. In September 2019, it was announced that Harbinger would be distributed by Paramount Pictures, possibly canceling any shared universe plans with Bloodshot. In June 2018, it was announced that a film centered around the superhero Faith, another comic I have never heard of but actually seems very cool, was also in development.

So what does this mean for Bloodshot? Now he’ll be a standalone entity while Harbinger and all these other characters will likely get to operate in their own world. Kind of like what happened with Spider-Man if you know that movie history.

Since this is Comic Round-Up, if you were wondering what comics to check out, here are my top 3 recommendations.


This is the first story of the initial 2012 Bloodshot relaunch and appears to be the main source of inspiration for the upcoming film starring Vin Diesel.  This cyberpunk military thriller begins as Ray Garrison awakens to the realization that he is a living weapon whose very identity is being manipulated with pre-programmed memories. He has been fighting for his wife and son, but even these two are just part of a computer program.

When he confronts his puppet masters at Project Rising Spirit, his story truly begins, setting him down the path to being a hero…and so much more. This is where it all begins.



The Book of Death is a major event story that focused on the Eternal Warrior, the new geomancer, and the necromantic sorcerer Master Darque. While Bloodshot is not really part of the main story, Valiant released four standalone issues to foretell how various major characters would meet their ends.

“The Fall of Bloodshot” follows the hero through the years as he outlives friends and family, one battle after another consuming his life in a tale that is both full of high-stakes adventures and sad reflective moments, culminating in an ending that fans will find hard to forget.



Harbingers Wars is the first big event story of the Valiant Universe. A decades-old secret is about to put BLOODSHOT and HARBINGER on an inescapable collision course – and, soon, the most powerful forces in the Valiant Universe will be drawn into a battle without sides, without rules, and without mercy. •Two dozen undisciplined, untested and untrained superhuman children have just escaped from a top-secret research facility and into the world. •When Bloodshot, Toyo Harada and Peter Stanchek join the chase, will the Valiant Universe be ready for its first all-out superhuman showdown? •Start reading here for a high-stakes tale that will put Valiant’s greatest heroes to the ultimate test!


Have you read the comics? Will you be watching the movie? Do you wish it starred Jered Leto? Does the main character also remind you of Spawn? Let us know in the comments and we will catch you next time, same Nerd-Time, same Nerd-Channel.

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