Crossing Borders To Give New Prospective On Travel

Hey guys, we talk every once in a while about independent projects and plans, but today is a little special. I found out about this actually from a friend of mine, as it was launching, and I wanted to give you guys a chance to find out about it as well, so without further ado, let me tell you about Crossing Borders.

What is Crossing Borders?

Rebecca “Becki” Share, for as long as the staff at Nerd News Social has known her, has been a person of passion, caring, and inquisitive nature. With this in mind, she has decided that she wanted to create a unique and interesting and interesting take on travel that is not currently represented in the marketplace.

While she has traveled across the USA, she has made long lasting friendships and been gifted with understanding, patience, and the ability to go with the flow when needed. These will all be necessary in her project.

What does Crossing Borders offer that others do not?
The Entertainment Industry as a whole is still pretty men centric. The world is changing and the numbers are shifting to match it, but that being said the Travel Entertainment Industry is currently not a fair or equal representation of the gender demographic. As a result of this, the view in travel has been very male centric, and lacking a specific viewpoint. That’s where Crossing Borders is planning on changing things.

While travelling around the world, Crossing Borders will be reaching out to women in those locations and learning about their place in their location’s society and cultures. They will also be talking to first time travelers in the country, and experiencing how they manage to travel, and plan their journey and what advice they can give to the aspiring travelers watching at home.

The end goal of each location though is to change people’s perspectives, bust stereotypes and open peoples minds to the places they could experience.

Why should you trust Crossing Borders as a project?

Becki has a BFA in film and animation. She is skilled and has experience working on editing films. While she is still in the early stages of her project, she is currently positioned to do the majority of labor on the project with her skills alone. Editing, starring and organizing. However she will have to find a videographer to manage the camera.

How can you support Crossing Borders, and make their project a reality?

It’s pretty simple, head to their Indiegogo campaign and back them now!

You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and share their project with the world!

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