Distract Yourself With Some Fun!

We know it’s not a great time right now, and a lot of people are stuck in doors. If you are bored and looking for something to do to pass the time, there is always streaming.


Altered Carbon
If you are looking for a good action series, there is two seasons of Altered Carbon to watch on Netflix.

Rick And Morty
Looking to laugh? Re-watch all of Rick and Morty on Hulu! While it’s not a lot of episodes, there is always something new to notice in the background of this show.

Good Omens
This show on Amazon does not have as many episodes as the others suggested, and not as huge an amount of watch time, but this show masterfully delivers on it’s subtle and humorous notes. Also it’s slightly blasphemous.

Try Not To Laugh
Want to distract yourself? Smosh’s series of Try Not To Laugh on Youtube can get you distracted, if only for a bit. With tons of special guests, and a bunch of episodes, it’s something to help pass your time.

However, what some people might not know though, is we have a ton of content too!

  • You could watch our videos on CES Here.
  • You could watch our episodes of Nerd Social Here.
  • You could watch our Game Play videos Here.
  • Check up on Lindsay’s Comic Round-Up for reading suggestions
  • See Jim’s suggested Independent Books, that he has reviewed Here.
  • Or see what else you should be watching thanks to Conner’s Critiques Here.
  • What ever you do, stay safe, and stay healthy!

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