SkiTooth Makes Skiing Safer And More Fun

I saw this item, and as an avid skier, I felt the need to talk about this product.

I’ve skied in the past, and missed several calls, as the rest of our party tried to reach one another. As we ski, the only time to check, make, or pick up phone calls is usually on the side of the hill, or on the ski lift. To be honest, the ski lift is usually when you do, but in doing so, you put your device at risk.

You could drop it, and you will likely never find it on the hill.

Worse, sometimes if your fingers are too cold, from the wind, your screen might not even respond. It’s for these reasons that when I saw the SkiTooth solves all of those problems and more!

The installation takes seconds to put it into your helmet and uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone. You play music while running down the slopes, and never miss reconnecting with your friends as the rechargeable battery lasts 15 hours!

This item will launch within Q1 of 2021, and will retail around $69.

While this might not work well for those who do not wear helmets, if you are skiing or snowboarding without one, you are putting your life at great risk. Please make sure to pick up a helmet, and why not one of these as well!

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