Bring Indoor Gardening To The New Age With Rise Gardens

People have always started gardens during times of strife and struggle. From the freedom gardens of the Great War and World War II, to the movement to be self-sufficient as a need during the Great Depression. Gardening is as much a need for resources and requirements, as it is a great way to relax during times of strife.

During the pandemic gardens have increased 750%, that’s 11x the year over year growth from before.

Rise Gardens has not only benefited the most but has some of the most impressive options to make your indoor garden successful. Their new modular WiFi-connected sections are app-controlled and can take your home hydroponic garden to the next level.

Their countertop models launched this year at CES, brings indoor gardens to a whole new market. Their new modules include a microgreens feature, the first in the market. They’ve also brought an Alexa feature to the program, which will allow you to change the lighting, pumps, and more all through voice commands.

The new smaller gardens will be priced at $279, and are sutible to grow four large plants (i.e. tomatoes), eight medium-sized plants (i.e. flowers), or 12 small plants (i.e. chives or micro greens).

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