Be Water Wise At Home Thanks To Pleco Systems

Water has just become a commodity on the stock exchange. The world is hurtling toward a time in which water will be scarce, and we can prolong the situation by being more water-wise in our homes. This also goes double for places like California, which is perpetually in a drought!

As we get ready for CES, and constantly think about how scary the world is getting, we were introduced to Pleco, a smart water system that can help you do your part!

Nudge System created the Pleco with the intent of saving water in homes, and businesses around the world, now you can bring that system to your own home, and workplaces!

Pleco’s system can keep track of the water use at the location it’s installed at. You can look at it based on a day to day basis, or track the long-term trends of your property. The system is even able to tell the subtle difference between devices like faucets, showers, toilets, or even lawn irrigation systems.

The Pleco Water Watching system costs $249 and includes these items:

  • Pleco Sensor
  • Pleco Display
  • Calibration container
  • a USB charger and cable
  • and Three Free Months of their Data Subscription Service
  • Pick up your own starter kit Here, and do your part for the environment!

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